Thursday, October 23, 2008


(as if it needs changin! ha..)

--well, a mass text was sent out a couple days ago, advocating the switch from "LOL" and "LMAO" to "FAF" (funny as fuck) .. hmmm .. really tho??
--as first i was like hail naw, thats gay, i'm not forwarding that ish .. but then i starting thinkin bout it .. and it kinda grew on me, like ayyyy, that dont sound half bad! so i'm rollin wit it ..
--its just a lil frustrating when i get back replies like HUH??? or WTF??? i be like damn ppl! are u livin under a rock!? hahahaha .. naw, but now u know! if i text u "FAF" dont be actin all brand new now!! and don't hit me back with that lame "LOL" neither! lolololol oopz, i mean haha..

this is harder than i thought!

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  1. [[G I A N N E]] [[D.P.H.]] said...
    first of all!!!
    im upset dat yu got a picture of da 1934 cell fones under your blog!!
    i will damn skippy act BRAND NEW wen yu txt dat gay ish 2 me!!!
    so stick 2 da lmao or haha or lol wen yu txt me GL0!!!
    dont be tryna randomly jus switch it up on da whole damn world wen we used to da lol or haha
    tryna change da whole txt game!
    luv ya lots LMAO (shoooooootttt cuz imma keep usin lmao)
    Mikeman said...
    Yo i felt the same way too! I got a couple of texts stating that but was like this is whack & no im not gonna change cuz when i do use them i mean it (I dont just use for text-sake). but after a while i was like what the hell...might as well haha so yeah

    and yes i agree wit your friend there... U done got a pick of the old cell phones NOT THE ORIGINAL BRICKS but this is just as bad Glo haha

    by the way this gave me a blog idea!
    GL0 said...
    LMAO!!! G, quit bein a HATER!!
    lol.. so WHAT if i went old skoo (retro) wit the cell phones .. damn, i can NEVER keep yall satisfied!! sheesh! lol
    monroestacks - said...
    i definitely was forwarded that txt a couple weeks ago & i still havnt adapted to it yet =/ im so used to the "lol, lmao, lmao, ROTFl," so forth & so on. idk texts & are complicated nowadays! lol

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