Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson Dies

Nobody can say they truly saw this coming.. I know I found myself internet searchin like crazy for any credible source to disprove the rumors spreading like wildfire.. But the inevitable happened, and we witnessed the King of Pop die before our eyes. I'm not gonna lie (like most people claiming to have been with him from Day 1) but I've come to learn and appreciate the great things he's done for music and you can't deny true talent when it's seen. A great part of music has died today, but i can guarantee his legacy is still alive and will continue to live on for generations to come..

And to those still finding reason to criticize the downside and allegations in his life, FXCK YOU! Seriously (i.e Perez Hilton) He was human, and so are we; let the one & only judge that matters (upstairs) handle that, and let's celebrate the GOOD he's brought to this world, bringing millions of people together, through music at that! Who else can say they truly did that in their lifetime?

P.S. All-time favorite MJ song?


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