Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Playing the Race Card

Oh the infamous "race card" - the card that all black people seem to pull out when all else fails. The card that supposedly applies to any and all situations when you feel the slightest sense of unfairness or inequality. As funny as this is, I can't help but resort to its deeper meaning. As an African-American, are you guilty of assuming that everything in life is a result of racial profiling and stereotypes? You didn't get that job at Foot Locker? It's 'cause you're black. Didn't get the biggest scoop possible at the Chinese restaurant? It's 'cause you're black. Got bad credit? It's 'cause you're black -- no really! Lol, jk.. but in all seriousness, does the race card play out in your everyday thought processes when things don't go your way? Think about it.



  1. The New Deal said...
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    Anonymous said...
    Ray Ray said...
    it's been a while but i'm kinda back...you have NO idea how many times i've pointed this out to ppl and in so many words have said gtf over yourself lol that irritates me beyond measure b\c ppl blame everything on being some sort of minority (b\c it's not just black ppl doin it)..this is a start to addressin that bs though..lol
    Mikeman said...
    It's sad ppl have to pull the race card in general,
    I've never used it & I'm MIXED.
    So I could play both sides [double minority]
    the race card is honestly a cop out.
    Own up to your shit, you aint get it cuz you werent good enough, its the same x that given to everyone else... the world really dont revolve around you and YOUR way.

    this isnt to say race is never the issue but when the race card is used at any & every little thing.

    Your race card definetly need to be REVOKED!
    GL0 said...
    YES!!!! Thanks guys.. glad you can feel me on this.

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