Thursday, March 19, 2009


As my boyfriend best says it "shit just got real.."
Lmao... i'm all about my roots and whatnot (1st generation American descendants of Nigeria) BUT gottttdizzzzayummmm!!! This woman is KILLIN me (and not softly like the song says either).. I musta laughed so hard, good Lawd.. this made my day tho!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Well for those who don't know.. i'll be visiting the
BIG APPLE for a week and a half as a Spring Break Trip & romantic getaway w/ my babes. Now I've never been to New York before, but from what he tells me, I will love it. My oldest sister also lives there, and from her facebook pictures, I can tell she definitely living it up.

Anyways, this serves as fare warning that I will probably not blog for about a week after Friday, because when I get out there, I want every second that I have to be spent with him. My laptop isn't going anywhere..

I've never anticipated anything more than this upcoming week. Gosh, i'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo in love. I feel bad for my close friends on campus.. he's all i talk about. i'm sure they're sick of me AND him by now. haha. oh well b*tches, deal with it! for another 'x' amount of yrs. however long forever is

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Power of the "O"

Lady Obama & Oprah
By far, the two most powerful black women in this nation. They both bless the cover of Oprah's April 2009 edition of her 'O' Magazine. She showed people this cover for the first time on her show yesterday and the response was of course, outstanding. Black never looked so good..

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

For the Money of Ray-J's

Better known as "For the Love of Ray-J" even though i feel like all these birds are only after his money.. I'm embarrassed to say I'm pretty addicted to this show, and I'm very caught up with everything going on.

It's just crazy how dirt on some of the "contestants" are surfacing and circulating thru the media, although this show was taped prior to the release of certain nude photos and information. Those caught up in scandalous professions, controversy, or other predictable secrets include:


Danger: This former prostitute, is supposedly about 5 months pregnant with Ray-J's baby and claims he is the father because during the taping of the show they were having sex, but the condom broke one time and the morning after pill given to her by the producers didn't work. The other women in the house vouched for her and said "yeah, she was always coming out of his room and sneaking off at night". I mean, i'm not shocked, you'll be surprised the sh*t that cameras don't catch on these obnoxious reality shows. Ohhhh, but there's more! Apparently, she is now engaged to Nick Cannon's brother Gabriel, and they plan on getting married later this year. (dammmn, what am i missing here??)
Danger's Nude Photos

Stiltz: Has nude photos out, but more extremely, did a bisexual porno.
Stiltz Nude Photos

Chardannae: Is apparently a man?? Now there's no legitimate proof that it's her, but it's one of the members on the show, but her picture just happened to be next to the headline of the article where it was found. Hmmm.. you make the call. Anyways, i guess one chicks' urine tests came up inconclusive multiple times, which its supposed to indicate the gender of the person.

Got dang, this show is gettin' good! Down to 6 girls; finally got rid of that white trash Lil' Hood and that annoying manly Russian chick Caviar! lol

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