Thursday, July 30, 2009

SPOKEN WORD: What Was I Thinkin?

For those that don't know, i LOVE to write, i truly feel like it's one of my fortes "callings" in life *side eye* I plan on writing a life story and to get it published sometime in the near future. From my domestic abusive childhood to everyday things that people can relate to - man or woman, my goal is to INSPIRE!

We was vibin for a minute, everything was koo,
First one I hit up before and after skoo,
Built this love while sober, but might as well have been drinkin,
Sober thoughts became drunken words, what was I thinkin?
I told the world about you, and we took the cutest flicks,
Laughed at all the bitter faces of them triflin, jealous chicks,
My heart was tossed overboard, my boat gradually sinkin,
My mind was just so overwhelmed, i had suicidal thinkin,
I brought an end to this madness, the storm had yet to brew,
Lies built our foundation, and they tore them down too,
I became reckless at the mouth, my heart was surely shrinkin,
My brain had also abandoned me, forever altering my thinkin,
To the men who had me, I hope you all have grown,
Amy Winehouse said it best, let the tears dry on their own,
I look to the Heavens, my eyes suddenly start winkin,
I shoulda known all along, to let God do my thinkin.

I'm sure a few of you ladies can relate to this epiphany-driven word that showcases the ups & downs of a relationship, and how stupid you feel after it's all said and done. With heartbreaks and splits surrounding our lives, it's hard to think of love without a negative connotation sometimes. Hopefully this hit home with someone.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Beyonce as Sasha Fierce

This is the latest promo ad for her House of Dereon clothing line expansion to Sasha Fierce is Dereon. For those who don't know, Sasha Fierce was introduced to the world as Bey's alter ego with the spunky and vehement side that was unleashed during her live performances. She portrays the image well as she strikes diva-like poses below:

I don't care how sick you may be of seeing this chick, cuz quite frankly she doesn't know the meaning of sleep, but she is nothing short of the epitomized statement that
This woman is not only a triple-threat, excelling in almost every industry out there, but she continues to bring quality music (her initial career) to her fans that were there from her Destiny's Child days.

I still remember a lot of doubters back when she decided to go solo who thought she would never make a name for herself. Well 3 solo albums later, look at her now. Successful clothing line launched, platinum records, bountiful movie roles, and her man put a ring on it. Jelly, much? The woman is blessed! In an interview, she admits to sometimes putting her fans before her own well being, and it's evident. Yall can hate all yall want, the woman is PAID!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Quote Time

prove u wrong Pictures, Images and Photos

Now I don't normally do this, but I had an epiphany waking up from my nap this afternoon and decided to tweet it (like i do most other things). And the RT's for it were so abundant, it made me feel like I wasn't the only one who felt this way, which is why I've decided to take it here to expound on it. The tweet was:

"Why does it feel better to prove our doubters wrong than it does to prove our supporters right?"

And since no answer was posed for this question, I will take it upon myself to answer it, in the best and most unbiased way possible. We have people that are on our side from the jump and are rooting for us, but for some reason, we have a bigger urge to please/impress/and show for the people who dont believe in us. But why?

PROVE THEM WRONG Pictures, Images and Photos
Because we love to see that dumb-founded look our haters get when we prove them wrong and make them eat their words. There is always a greater reaction to someone who didn't believe in something than someone who already does. I just wish I would stop doing things to impress and please the people that are praying on my downfall faithfully. At the same time, the same people wishing you well, are also hoping you fail. So choose your friends wisely.

Lesson: Keep a tight circle and surround yourself with positive people that encourage success for your own satisfaction, rather than someone else's disbelief.


Monday, July 27, 2009

Tweet on Your Feet

See, now being the Twitter addict that i am.. i would eff around and cop me some sneaks like this.. i don't know about yall, but nothing screams FOLLOW ME like these shoes right here.. imagine your custom URL engraved on the soles or the back or somethin.. pssh, they shoulda never let me see this.. an investment worth making? i think so! And the fact that they're dunks on top of that???? Smh, don't get me started Twitter, i will go HAM on rockin Twitter gear with the exception of a small earned revenue! But enough of my rambling.. what do yall think?
Would you ROCK it or KNOCK it?


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday's Scripture:

Proverbs 18: 21 (New King James Version)

21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit.

Another translation says "those who love to talk, will eat their own words". Which is basically saying you shall reap the actions in which you sew towards other people. I love this scripture because it personifies the power & strength that words have. The Bible uses the tongue to symbolize words, and in doing so, says that life and death are at your own discretion. If you curse and slander the names of people; expect to reap the same actions done to yourself. If you bless and commend other people; you shall reap that nature as well.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ci(hair)a at it again..

Now being a HUGE fan of Ciara's dancing music, i tried to stay as open-minded as possible when i first heard of this wig hair-cut. Not gonna lie, it took me a few pictures and some reminiscent Ciara songs (Get Up, 1 2 Step, Oh) to get used to this hair, but after some deep consideration, i think i kinda DIG IT! It's new, it's different, and it complements her manly feminine features. She's one of the few that can rock the bodacious weaves, as well as a short bob. Pssh go head girl! Somewhere in a dark, lonely corner, Keri Hilson is contemplating her next move.. lol

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

Here she is with newly found BFF Kim Kardashian, who might i add, is looking stunning as well.  Anyways, thought I'd post the pictures i had done a while back from the transformation of The Evolution of Ciara's Hair - as her album suggests.. she has definitely been through her ups & downs in her music hair career (as you can see by the first picture) but she's come a long way.. so i applaud her *crowd applauds in unison* ENJOY!





JET BLACK: Long Straight Hair

(this is what u call a RECESSION SPECIAL! Lmao, all $3.99 dollaz worth of HOT ASS MESS = FAIL!)


What's your favorite hair color/style on Ci-Ci?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Chream or Dristina Milian?

(click to enlarge)

As a couple, i had my doubts.. but this picture really makes me feel like Christina really likes his money him. I mean look at her, she's *GLOWING*! Lol.. Couples still like to match these days? Hmm.. interesting. On a sidenote, i'm hella feeling their new cut ♫ "Chameleon" ♫ written & produced by none other than the Dream. But what do yall think of them as a couple? 


Monday, July 20, 2009

Straight from Hot-lanta, I'd like to present to you EDotDizzy's new mixtape "Dizzyana". I know, i know, some of yall are prolly thinkin, "oh not another aspiring rapper" but aspiring doesn't even begin to exemplify the justice this mixtape deserves. Besides over-exceeding my expectations, EDot delivers a hook-less album full of satirical one-liners and punches.  One of the best things about this album is how professional the music sounds as it blasts through the speakers. For someone to write, rap, and produce a whole mixtape is nothing short of raw talent. The dude has GOT it yall. Inspired by Jay-Z, Kanye, and Janelle Monae, he is determined to make a name for himself. ThaFamousNobody, as his AIM reads; an oxymoronic statement which may very well become a reality.


Favored Tracks:
The Come Up
Pay Him No Mind
Hookz Interlude
Beat Build

(click to enlarge)

Wanna know more about EDot? Check him out on his other networks:

P.S. Comments/suggestions/reviews are always welcomed!


Saturday, July 18, 2009

I Plead the Sexth!

So I'm driving through the city like it's nobody's business (taking my lil bro to his b-ball game actually, but that doesn't sound as cool- lol) and i'm coming off this left turn, and you know how you accelerate off a turn? Well i kinda did that a lil too much.. 14mph too much to be exact and was right away spotted by a cop car who clocked me going 49 on a 35. What was worse, is that he was coming down the opposite direction, so like a G, straight up made a U-turn in the middle of the street and immediately proceeds to follow me. The minute i see this through my rear i'm thinkin HOLY SH*T! (and a few other choice words) My brothers game start at 9:00am and it was bout 8:50, and we were about 5 minutes from the school they played at. I look at my brother like damn, there goes your game (oops!) but i don't say it, i just think it as i remain calm so my 8yr old sibling doesn't start to freak out.

As i carry on just below the speed limit (i see the car ahead of me speed off knowing the cops were on the prowl - lucky bastard), i focus on the road and tell my brother to look through his right side mirror and let me know when/if the lights start flashing, because i was too busy keeping track of how slow i was going to worry about whether the lights would start going off. I swear i was reciting all the Bible verses I've ever been taught thinkin "Jesus take the wheel.. LITERALLY! Lol.. But not more than 15 seconds later, i get the dreadful words of my brother that his lights have began flashing. 

I still remain cool, because up to this point it was pretty obvious he was after me (making a U-turn in the middle of the road?! smh c'mon now #wheredeydodatat!) To save embarrassment, i pull not on the side, but into this empty lot a lil further off viewing distance from main traffic. I park, wind down my windows, and watch as he struts to my car, chest out, armor on deck. With the most soft-spoken voice you can think of he goes "Hi ma'am! How ya doin?" I say "I'm good officer, thank you" (remembering all prior etiquette learned in Vh1's Charm School *side eye*) He goes "Well I'm stopping you for your speeding ma'am. Do you know the speed limit on this road" I go "Yes sir, i believe its 35" He goes "That's correct and I clocked you at 49. Are you in a hurry somewhere?" I say "Yes actually, I'm very sorry, I was trying to get my little brother to his game at ______ which starts at 9:00." He checks his clock (which reads 8:53ish) and says, "Oh my, that's pretty soon."

So then he tells me to put my hands up and spread em (haha, i wish tho, he was pretty cute *wink*) he asks for my license & registration and all that jazz. At that point, i'm pretty calm, i've played the pity card and expressed my situation, there's no way he's that heartless to make him late for his game and write me up for trying to get my 8 yr old brother somewhere on time. Plus i know i'm clean, have no kind of DUI record (because i've never drank) and so i'm like iite, he gon' see i'm just a regular, good ol', American citizen and let me go.

But all that changed in about 5 minutes when he returns and says the 5 words you NEVER wanna hear a police officer say to you: Please step outside the car. Innately, i start freakin the hell out, like wtf is wrong MF'er (of course i didn't say that tho). I say the only logical thing a person can say, whether innocent or guilty, "is there a problem officer?" and he goes "Well you see here, your license says you're 5'9 and a buck 60, i had to have you step out the car to see for myself, because there is NO WAY IN HELL that you're only 19 years old! I call BS on this one!" I literally had this 5,000 pound relief fall off my shoulders as i laugh and flirtatiously slap his chest *wink* He continues "Your not even 21?? That's so unbelievable! I raise the BS flag on that!"

After a couple more minutes of hot & heavy kissing flirting, he tells me i look good for my age and dress way more mature beyond my years.. which i did, having on a halter top, skinny jeans, hat tipped to the side, and flossed up with gold accessories from head to toe (literally; gold toe rings). So i'm thinkin in my head like dangggg, usually it's the driver that has to flirt with the cop to get out of the ticket, but hey.. works for me! 

So much for dressing mature tho *side eye* But you know i do have a soft spot for them Bradley Coopers (see Tall, White, & Handsome below) and this officer was a muscle away from gettin my number, lmaooo i kid, i kid. So i speed drive off and somehow by the time i pull up to the school and look at the clock its 8:59 exactly! God is sooo good, not only did he get me to my brother's game on time, and out of a ticket, but he gave me eye candy for the morning, haha.  I serve a loving and merciful God, i tell ya! He is sooo good! 

Moral of the Story: Always dress sexy/be courteous to anybody above the law/always have a sob story on deck and ready to tell

P.S. Those who read the play-by-play on Twitter, thanks for the comments, this is the full story in elaborated detail :)


(click to enlarge)         (click to enlarge)

Naturally, my initial reaction to this was like 'seriously, u can only rock so many funky outfits & hair-do's before you start getting outta hand'.  Beside the fact that Rihanna will indefinitely look good with whatever hair she rocks (even an Amber Rose if she wanted) I still don't see the purpose in this.. i doubt this was her publicist's move, because Rihanna got that i dont give a f*ck swag (much like Cassie who also rocks the fresh out the womb hair) but damn.. what happens when she gets tired of this? You can't just weave this sh*t! I predict a bomb lace-front or wig in the near future *side eye* The reason for the title is because Britney had shaved her head completely bald during her meltdown, and Rihanna ain't too far from that (a bald head).. is she going thru some ish? ..ur thoughts?


Friday, July 17, 2009

Potty Pranks

-courtesty of Stupid Videos

Hey, it's been a couple days since i blogged, i apologize.. but before i get into the regular groove of things, just thought you'd enjoy some laughs with these toilet pranks.. i found them hilarious, so i hope you enjoy! I found a new favorite website to add to my "On the Regular" list - see right hand column


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Now he can say it for his upcoming reality gig called The T.O Show.  I guess it's not only celebrities taking chances at reality television.. this upcoming show is set to hit the screen on July 20th, and i for one, will be a faithful watcher of this coonery. Judging by the trailer, it will be 10x what you expect it to be.. and then some. Maybe this show will help him earn back the respect he lost from fans throughout his 13 year career starting with the San Francisco 49ers. Anywho, i love how Vh1 scripted showcased female drama between his publicist and close friend. Smh, sounds just like that network to stir up unnecessary drama. So the question is...
will you be watching???

As for this picture promo; no comment! :P


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Great Pictures, Unusual Angles

As we learned from the Obama post, pictures can be so deceiving, and when at a certain angle, can portray the image as something completely different. Out of the 100's i browsed, these were my favorite. Hope you enjoy.. and if you don't find these pictures as fascinating as i did, slap yourself you bitter MF'er! Lol =]
P.S- My favorite is the soccer picture! 

(pictures courtesy of


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Twitter Makeover


As u all should know by now, I spend a good 80% of my day tweeting, on Twitter, or involved in the crazy, yet addicting trending topics: 
(i.e #nothingpersonal, #umad, #justsayin, #smartpeople, #uglynames)
I got a lil bored of my old page.. so this is the new one! Just thought i'd share with you guys, and if you're not following me by now (shame on you) you really are missing out! Lol.. and if you don't know what a Twitter is by now, you may quietly excuse yourself from my blog with your head hung very low, hehe ;-)


Tall, White, & Handsome

This post is especially for the ladies out there (and men, if thats ur thing). Yes, I'm accustomed to the tall, dark, & handsome, but everybody knows there's more than one shade of fine! Lol. I just wanted to have a *moment of silence* to admire the 3 hottest, hunkiest, white, successful actors/artists in Hollywood today. Between these 3 men, i don't think i can decipher who's the cutest. From left to right its: 
If you click the individual names they will lead to more sexy (body) pics of these men. Mmmmm. Enough eye candy for the day, now time to get back to the vegetables (regular-looking men) Lol


Friday, July 10, 2009

Obama is still a man...

As the timeless saying goes "it doesn't hurt to look" right?? Well, not unless it's captured that is! I guarantee you Republicans are having a feast with this one.. Eye candy is everywhere and hard to avoid. Our eyes have this desire to see things pleasing to us, and whether we mean well by it or not, it's almost innate and instinctual to take a peep.

I hope he enjoyed starin at this though, cuz now that he did it once, he knows he can't get caught again, because America Republicans, will then deem it as an addiction/psychological disorder/perversion problem, etc. I'm laughing at the guy on the right who got a smirk on like he bout to get it poppin wit her later on! It's just funny how pictures can say so much, yet be so deceiving, smh. Now that you've (I've) been fooled, check out the video footage for the real story (via ABC news)--> Obama's Photo Scandal


Thursday, July 9, 2009

This is the latest [confirmed] information by the Nashville Police Department, and quite frankly this story is getting more twisted then a crack head hooked on Phonics. Sahel Kazemi is not only selfish for deciding to bring somebody down with her (no pun intended), but for her to not only play the homewrecker, she is playin the role of the typical jump-off. Men, i hope you learn something from this-- never fall asleep before your girl does! Lol


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My iTouch Apps

Excuse the randomness of this post, but a lot of people have been asking me what's on my itouch lately and what apps are download worthy.. so voila! Here they are.. and best of all, they were all 100% free--except Bejeweled (i paid $2.99 for that) and it's well worth it, thats my shxt! Haha, u can see these were taken on June 31st so i've gotten a few new ones since (iTwitter, Twitterific) haha, go figue, my Twitter addicted lookin ass, smh


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson's Memorial

If there was anytime to bring closure to this tragedy, it is NOW. This couldn't have been done any better, and was by far the best tribute to have ever been done. It's dominating Twitter, the blogs, and every other network you can imagine, so I won't speak on the obvious, but rather share my own thoughts & favorite quotes of this memorial.. Singers nowadays are lucky to have a city know who they are.. MJ had the WORLD at his feet.. Dude was a musical genius.

The Jacksons looked stunning tonight. They kept their composure for the most part and look like such a close-knit family, I couldn't imagine being in their shoes and how long of a day they must've had going from a private funeral ceremony to this. God Bless them.

I know a lot of people were shocked  (as was I) to see Martin Luther King III and his wife Bernice King to come up and share a few words. Although MJ brought different worlds together through music, let's not forget Martin Luther King, Sr who brought different colors together and was the real reason we have someone like Obama in office now.
As for Brooke Shields, I felt like she had the "friends with benefits" memory of MJ, as she shared moments that no one could really relate or laugh to, but nonetheless she found it hysteric. Lots of "you had to have been there" moments.

I know I wasn't the only one who caught Mariah crack on her 2nd note.. But I'm cuttin her some slack, because I know it's been awhile since she's performed, and to be on such a big stage and be honored to sing for the greatest performer of all time, the pressure can get to ya. But she redeemed herself with her rundown of every pitch on the scale on her last note. Side note: Where was Nick?

Queen Latifah brought a very laxed vibe to her speech, yet had so much swag with the ease her voice brang. Maya Angelou couldn't have picked anybody better to recite her commemoration of Michael (although I would've enjoyed seeing her read it herself). Queen Latifah is pictured as she remembered doing the robot to "Dancing Machine".

Not to sound like a Kobe-hater (because I love the guy and appreciate his raw talent, even though I prefer to have have Lebron on my team) but his speech was rather unnecessary. I found pertinence with Magic's memoir, but Kobe really had nothing to do with this. Remember the Time's music video continues to be a classic, and I remember when I first seen it and saw Magic and thought to myself "what in good hell?" lol

Pregnant and all, since when is that an excuse not to perform? I commend her for doing such a great job. She was by far my favorite performer and sang one of the all-time favorites "Will You Be There". Although a black dress would've been more fitting for this occasion (as everyone else got that memo) she still glowed, no pun intended, and blew us away. You go girl!

The most genuine Jackson out of the 5. Who said the man has lost his touch? Pssh, he still got it yall! From the interview on behalf of the family, to singing a song at his memorial, Jermaine has such a strong and pure heart and God bless him for having such strength to deal with this family loss and speak (sing) on the family's behalf on multiple occasions.

Who said only Americans were performing today? Shaheen Jafargholi stole the show with his rendition of "Who's Lovin' You" and commanded all viewers attention. This Britain's Got Talent phenomena, in the form of a 12 year old's body, is sure to take the world by storm, and there's no doubt he was indeed impacted by Michael Jackson to do what he does.

If you're like every other African-American in this country, you would've thought Al Sharpton would make a fool of himself (as he usually does) as he tries to use the power in his voice to convey a point, when words alone can do that job, regardless of the pitch of voice. However, he made me eat my words as this was by far the best speech he's ever given-- sympathetic, genuine, and compassionate. I guess this death has humbled even the most arrogant and pompous of us.

Notable mentions: Smokey Robinson's speech, Stevie Wonder's performance, John Mayer's uhhm.. "performance", Trey Lorenz's duet w/ Mariah Carey, Berry Gordon's speech, Usher's performance, and Paris breaking down at the end (although minutes earlier she was fiddling with her purse *pause*)
And in closing, I want to share some of my favorite quotes said by those who said speeches during the memorial..

"Kids, there was nothing strange about your father.. what was strange is the things he had to go through. He outsang his cynics, he outdanced his doubters, he outperformed his critics. Some came to say Goodbye, but i came to say Thank You." -Al Sharpton

"The comments went from 'where is he?' to 'there he goes again. I want to be remembered as a person, not a personality. There's nothing that could be done if we don't raise our voice as one." -Michael Jackson

"We will never know how much pain one can take, but maybe now Michael, they'll leave you alone" -Marlon Jackson

"Although we needed him here on Earth, God must've needed him more" -Stevie Wonder

"He studied the greats and became greater, he rose the bar, then broke it" -Berry Gordy

"Now the King of Pop must bow his head unto the King of Kings" -Luscious Smith


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