Saturday, July 11, 2009

Twitter Makeover


As u all should know by now, I spend a good 80% of my day tweeting, on Twitter, or involved in the crazy, yet addicting trending topics: 
(i.e #nothingpersonal, #umad, #justsayin, #smartpeople, #uglynames)
I got a lil bored of my old page.. so this is the new one! Just thought i'd share with you guys, and if you're not following me by now (shame on you) you really are missing out! Lol.. and if you don't know what a Twitter is by now, you may quietly excuse yourself from my blog with your head hung very low, hehe ;-)



  1. Kim said...
    im on twitter now follow me!!
    E Dot DizZy said...
    I hate your twitter.. Yo shit buzzzzzzin!! I know you got a secret!! =D
    Mikeman said...
    a technical mastermind
    this post is so simple yet classic & sheek

    soy jealoso

    Follow Gl0 tho folks
    shes as legit as they get
    GL0 said...
    yall are too much :P

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