Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"Getcha Popcorn Ready" for real this time..

Now he can say it for his upcoming reality gig called The T.O Show.  I guess it's not only celebrities taking chances at reality television.. this upcoming show is set to hit the screen on July 20th, and i for one, will be a faithful watcher of this coonery. Judging by the trailer, it will be 10x what you expect it to be.. and then some. Maybe this show will help him earn back the respect he lost from fans throughout his 13 year career starting with the San Francisco 49ers. Anywho, i love how Vh1 scripted showcased female drama between his publicist and close friend. Smh, sounds just like that network to stir up unnecessary drama. So the question is...
will you be watching???

As for this picture promo; no comment! :P



  1. Taylorgotbeats said...
    uhhh what the fuck
    GL0 said...
    LMAOOO! at the picture right? haha idk!
    Yet said...
    ....don't know about the pic but anyway, T.O. who? I'm out of the loop!!
    GL0 said...
    the prima donna of the Dallas Cowboys, now turnt Buffalo Bill
    Lil Mis Blogher Mouth said...
    Yea I wont be watching that show. This reality shit is getting to be too fuckin much for me.
    Cat Hill said...
    Yea I actually live and go to school in Buffalo, Ny... By way Of Harlem, Ny I hope he can save this sucky team LOL but I saw the show online....but I'll let u enjoy so I won't say anything

    ~Cat Hill~

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