Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Mohawk Away from Britney's Meltdown?

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Naturally, my initial reaction to this was like 'seriously, u can only rock so many funky outfits & hair-do's before you start getting outta hand'.  Beside the fact that Rihanna will indefinitely look good with whatever hair she rocks (even an Amber Rose if she wanted) I still don't see the purpose in this.. i doubt this was her publicist's move, because Rihanna got that i dont give a f*ck swag (much like Cassie who also rocks the fresh out the womb hair) but damn.. what happens when she gets tired of this? You can't just weave this sh*t! I predict a bomb lace-front or wig in the near future *side eye* The reason for the title is because Britney had shaved her head completely bald during her meltdown, and Rihanna ain't too far from that (a bald head).. is she going thru some ish? ..ur thoughts?



  1. Byrde said...
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    Byrde said...
    Now I try to be impartial but damn. I blogged about this too. No, no, & no! Breezy needs to tap that ass for this <--tasteless.. yes, but I don't give a damn. It's a hot, wet mess! I luv Rihanna but not this hair.

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