Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tall, White, & Handsome

This post is especially for the ladies out there (and men, if thats ur thing). Yes, I'm accustomed to the tall, dark, & handsome, but everybody knows there's more than one shade of fine! Lol. I just wanted to have a *moment of silence* to admire the 3 hottest, hunkiest, white, successful actors/artists in Hollywood today. Between these 3 men, i don't think i can decipher who's the cutest. From left to right its: 
If you click the individual names they will lead to more sexy (body) pics of these men. Mmmmm. Enough eye candy for the day, now time to get back to the vegetables (regular-looking men) Lol



  1. && love, briit said...
    love the third one!!! loved him in He's Just Not That Into You. but that's def not matthew mcconaughey (the sexy white guy from A Time To Kill) i think his name is Bradley um both tho. yyuum
    GL0 said...
    Thank you sooo much! LOLOLOL..
    i feel like an idiot, did i really put Matthew? Gosh they look sooo alike! I was clearly out of it when i did this.. thank u so much for the correction.. i fixed it :-)
    Mikeman said...
    U know Ryan is supposed to play the GREEN LATERN (superhero)
    GL0 said...
    soooo excited.. his secsi ass.. Mmmm! haha

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