Tuesday, December 30, 2008


(Newport Beach)


I'm not in this video (obviously, because I'm filming) but this is just some random scenes from the airport.
But overall, the trip was a BLAST! Unfortunately we went 0-2, but we were there for a week and got to sight-see through the streets of Hollywood (& Rodeo Drive) .. just in & out of LA basically .. it was amazing .. more videos/pictures to come! Sorry bout the wait!


Friday, December 26, 2008


Human cover

Just when the world thought she was done .. she comes out and freakin' DELIVERS!
I've been wanting to do a review on her album for a while, but i wanted a pure, unbiased opinion of her first, and not basing it off the reviews other people give ..

And i just want to say this is by far one of theeee BEST female albums of the year (up there wit Beyonce's) and she most definitely delivered! To this day i have this spinnin on HEAVY ROTATION!

Tracks to look out for (SLAPP MATERIAL):

"Gonna Find My Love"
"1st & Love"
"Piano Man"
"Drum Life"
"Something's Missing (Acapella)"

but honestly, they're ALL good .. you know how u get an album, and u skip to only the songs u like?? well NOT this one!!! i let the shit play outttttt .. EVERY song ya dig! lol .. i guess the B's are back!
(Brandy, Beyonce, Britney Spears)


Thursday, December 25, 2008


Kobe Bryant - Nike iD Zoom Kobe IV

Nike iD Zoom Kobe IV - Given to 100 fans who attended the Lakers vs. Celtics game

(lucky whores..smh)

Lamar Odom - Nike Hyperdunk PE

Derek Fisher - Nike Powermax

Sun Yue - adidas TS Creator

Rajon Rondo - Nike Blue Chip Low

Paul Pierce - Nike Max P2 V

Kendrick Perkins - adidas Pro Model

Kevin Garnett - adidas x UNDRCRWN TS Commander

Ray Allen - Air Jordan Team 2.5 Team

Lebron James - Nike Zoom Lebron VI Chalk Edition

Lebron James - Nike Zoom Lebron VI Chalk Edition

Caron Butler - Nike Foamposite Lite

Greg Oden - Nike Powermax

Brandon Roy - Nike Blue Chip

Tim Duncan - adidas TS Bounce Commander
Amare Stoudemire - Nike Foamposite Lite

Steve Nash - Nike Zoom MVP X
Tony Parker - Nike Huarache 09

Dwight Howard - adidas TS Bounce Commander Superman

Dwight Howard - adidas TS Bounce Commander Superman

Dwight Howard  Superman

Everyone who attended the Magic game was given a "Superman" shirt in commemoration of Dwight Howard's 'Superman' (winning) dunk in the All-Star Festivities last year

Chris Paul - Air Jordan CP3.II

The NBA was DEFINITELY at its best this year and certainly did not disappoint with the key match-ups and line-ups for this holiday.. Besides the Sun's last second loss, this had to be one of my best Christmases.


Wednesday, December 24, 2008



This is how my Christmas Eve (last day in AZ) was spent .. Last minute shoppin for EVERYBODY (yes, all 6 siblings and my mother and 3 closest friends and a teacher) i think i burned about $350 on em all .. but ehh, well worth it right??

Hope everyone has a MERRY CHRISTMAS!
My Christmas will be spent in 3 states, 2 airports, but with 1 purpose, and that's to celebrate Christ's birth .. HOLLA

P.S. Brownie points if u can guess which store I'm at .. lol


Monday, December 22, 2008


This DEFINITELY has my vote for 'Fight of the Year' .. idk if i should laugh harder at the fact they both look like cheap crackwhores, or the fact that they both bald-headed .. lmao .. how do you become so bald in the first place .. smh .. really tho?? Women had patches on her scalp lookin like she took a dip in the Hairless Creek or maybe the Balding Swamp .. hmmm .. either way, she is HAM (HOT ASS MESS) and burnt toast! lol .. get it?? haha .. nevermind .. enjoy .. lol

--Courtesy of MediaTakeOut.com


Just when we thought dance songs (Soulja Boy) and dances itself couldn't get any stupider.. The birth of "JUMPING OUT THE WINDOW" arises .. I kid you not, I have never seen anything more ridiculous than this stupidity .. Fckery at its best .. ENJOY!


Sunday, December 21, 2008


Man, this dude is HILARIOUS! if you aint heard about him, youtube his 'N*gga Please' episodes, they are ridiculous .. this is his most recent one, mocking the infamous George Bush & Iraqi Journalist incident..

Friday, December 19, 2008


Now, this isn't too recent (actually happened this past June) but i just HAD to blog about it, in all its ridiculousness (yes, thats a word .. GOOGLE it.. lol) So basically, this "volumptuos" lady claims to be injured by a thong .. true story! She was putting it on, and the metal heart that i think connects one side to other popped off and struck her eye..

Now, i'm thinkin to myself, now how the hell did that happen?? And when i see her on video, i'm like GOOOD LAWD!!! u buyin Victoria Secret lingerie that looks like a size 3, when it aint no secret about yo size .. what she need to be buyin is a Victoria Secret BRA for them saggy a** tiddayz! LMAOOOOOOOOOO.. this story is just a bunch of fckery! She even went as far to hire an attorney (who feels compelled to jump in every two words because he thinks she will fck up her case .. lol)

Idk America, if we're at the point where we're suing corporations for a lack of our 'flexibility' ..i just dont know .. STHOMH (shaking the hell outta my head)..

P.S. Notice how Meredith is playing the skepticist role and breaking her down left & right .. haha .. gotta love a good interviewer!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


brutha3 Pictures, Images and Photos

Another 'under the radar' musical sensation are the up && coming boy group BRUTHA .. now if you were like me, u didnt know jack about them until they got a reality show on BET .. which definitely opened my eyes to hearin their sound .. like i said (I DONT DISCRIMINATE AGAINST MUSIC) so i'm willing to give all music a chance .. and boyeeee was i glad i did .. i have 9 tracks on heavy rotation every night that put me to sleep (i literally have em on repeat .. fall asleep to it, wake up to it)

(in order of my favoritism):

"She's Gone"
"Inside Outside"
"I Can't Hear the Music"

Don't sleep on these boyz yall .. they FI-YUH!
Day26 got some competition!? lol..

You see, now i like J. Aniston and all, and i actually liked her better with Brad Pitt than I do with Angelina Jolie, but was this a desperate cry for help or a way of getting back at her ex-hubby to show him all the 'goodies' he's missing out on .. hmmm??

Well, she's looking 'hotter than ever' as stated by GQ magazine, and if this isn't a slap in the face to all her exs .. than i don't know what is .. YOU GO GIRL!



taylor swift Pictures, Images and Photos

I've been a lil M.I.A from the blog game recently, and i apologize, but as most of you may know, i've made my return to the Zona (phx), so it's been non-stop reuniting, partyin, laughter, and fun (more blogs about that to come).

Anyway, it's come to my attention that ppl really don't give ALL music a chance, whether it be because of its genre, or artist, or reputation, but i'm here to let you all know that I, Gloria Atanmo, do not discriminate against music.

I listen to all types of good music, and when I say good music, I'm pertaining to its lyrical content, beat, message, or symbolism. That's quality music to me. If a country song has the right message that suits my mood, then ima knock that ish! (especially if its therapeutic)

Now if you've been following me on TWITTER or FACEBOOK .. my statuses have been focused towards one particular artist.. TAYLOR SWIFT .. now i've already gotten some praise/slack about it .. being black and listenin to country, but like i said i do not discriminate against good music.. lately i've just been in the mood for it .. and if you've never heard her music, i recommend these 3 songs:

"You Belong With Me"
"Love Story"

If any of you know any other good Taylor Swift songs, lemme know! i be ON it now! Oh and when you listen, fellaz especially, tune out the banjo playin in the background of "You Belong With Me" cuz it might deter you from wanting to listen .. like it did to many of my friends .. lol

But peep her ish sometime .. and most importantly, listen to the EFFIN message.. we, Americans seem to overlook that in so many songs today .. smh.

TAYLOR SWIFT Fearless album 2008 Pictures, Images and Photos
Taylor Swift (Album) Pictures, Images and Photos
taylor swift Pictures, Images and Photos

Just Thought I'd Share,

Monday, December 15, 2008


So i've been tagged by Reggie (one of my favorite bloggers) ... this was almost a week ago, haha, i've been procrastinatin like a mug, but here are his rules:

I wanna to start a tag called "Bedroom Bully". In this tag, you list the most confident things about your sex and then ask three question about sex. Here is the rules!!!

1. Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.
2. Share 3 confident statements and then 3 questions about sex.
3. Tag 6 random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.
4. Let each person know that they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1. I have never been happier with the skin I'm in (body type)
2. Foreplay is my specialty
3. Still celibate & Happy

My 3 Questions (feel free to answer them)

1. What's the longest you've gone w/o "it"?
2. What's the longest you've had "it" for?
3. What is your best asset?

*wipes sweat*
that wasn't too bad .. i will now tag:

Everything You Though You Knew...
Beuteful x Diaster
the; blurbs.
Welcome to Swaggatory

Happy Tagging to All, and to All a Goodnight!


That's my 8 yr. old brother Mannie who is one of the funniest/goofiest ppl i know .. Yes, he's a brat, but i wuv him :) I probably missed him the most going off to college .. because at this age, he's still growing and learning a lot, and for me to not be there to witness it is kind of sad :( But as you can see in the last picture (that he took by the way) I'm his taxi .. i drive him wherever he wants/needs to go .. smh "oh brutherrr" .. literally!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Well, well, well .. as if the world didn't already figure .. she had been denying it thru Tyra and Oprah that it wasn't the time yet and she wasn't ready .. and PLOP .. all of a sudden her stomach starts to show .. lol.. Well i'm happy for her and her lil Shawty Doo-Whop, cuz i guess they make a cute couple. Lol.. And they've been together since forever, so i think it was bout that time.. These celebrities/singers/rappers we grew up on are gettin' old ya'll.. they startin' to realize their time is running out .. so expect to see those like Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, Tyra, etc .. maybe even Miley Cyrus (her fast ass.. lol) get knocked up within the next few years. It's only a matter of time.
As for me, still keepin' em closed. CELIBATE and willing to SELL-A-BIT .. haha .. j/k.. But i just hope the babies don't come out as dwarfs with no noses .. hahahahaha .. I wonder what they'll name it (don't know if it's a him/her yet) .. Maybe Wardobe Malfunction, isn't that cute? Or Tit Bit. Maybe Boobie Nip. LMAO .. lemme quit.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Okay, so i'm studying for my last set of finals, and i so randomly get this 'Phx Suns Text Alert' saying:

SUNS NEWS: The Suns have traded Raja Bell, Boris Diaw & Sean Singletary to the Bobcats for Jason Richardson, Jared Dudley & a 2nd-round draft pick."

Okay, uhhm WTF!?! i immediately send out a MASS text to my PHOENIXANS & ARIZONIANS about this f*ckery to share my pain with someone.. and got the same reactions from them as well.. i mean the Suns, if you haven't figured out already are my EFFIN team! i love them dudes (yes HETERO!) lol .. i'm like diehard for phx, but i have yet to get a tattoo of the team, build a shrine, or shave my head to commemorate their success .. but thats still my team, yo!

But after talkin to some sports heads (basketball ones in particular) i realized this might not be so bad for the suns .. After all, we weren't doin to well anyway.. it all went downhill when Mike D'antoni (former head coach) went to the Knicks and Terry Porter was hired. Not tryna knock the brutha, but he screwed up our system and style of playin ..

Comparatively speaking, we should have the upper hand in this trade, because Richardson was puttin up more numbers than Bell, however, Richardson has been the 'go-to' player on his former teams (Warriors & Bobcats), and here in phx, we don't need that kind of personnel. We have Nash, Amare, & Shaq to go to.. So i just don't see him fitting in the system, but i'll give him the benefit of the doubt anyway.. but team chemistry takes time .. you seen how long it took the Suns to adjust to Shaq big a** cloggin up the middle.. lol .. but look at him NOW! haha .. shoutout to the Big Cactus puttin' up numbers .. ya'll see his 35 point game the other night against the Bucks?! ahh, yes .. he's back!

Until then, we shall just wait it out and see .. I called it first though, NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP IN PHX '09! YESSSS, HATE ON IT!!!!

Concerned Phoenix Suns Fan,

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


This is my official BOUNCE CERTIFICATION, guaranteeing me the right to bounce on December 13th, this SATURDAY. Mid-west (Kansas), you've treated me well, but the snow has began to fall, so I think its bout that time I start makin' my way back to the desert .. Can't deal with all this snow, let alone the cold..

To my high school friends/companions, I will try to reunite with a majority of you all during my 12 day stay (smdh) .. but my first weekend will be solely dedicated to my family and loved ones, cuz Lord knows they could hardly manage w/o me around! lol

Half past 4 is when i will no longer be airborne, and will touch down in the 'Zona .. at this point, i have one more final to go .. I can't wait to get it over with. I have nor the time or motivation to blog right now .. just ready to come home .. which by the way, I have to fly back on Christmas Day (*tear*) so the basketball team can practice and fly out to Cali (Newport Beach-Concordia University) that weekend for a tournament .. oh the sacrifices of being a collegiate athlete .. ya'll have no idea :(


Friday, December 5, 2008


Uhhm, okay first of all, what in the HELL!? lol .. i got this as a forwarded message to my phone, and the caption read:

"This guy had what he thought was a great tattoo. . . . Until he went to jail and got titty f*cked!"

I forwarded this to my favorite text buddies (Jazzy & Michael) and got similar reactions out of both. Lol .. poor guy. 
Get a load of them 3-D nipples! Ha .. 


Wednesday, December 3, 2008


For those living under a rock, lol .. SHANE MERCADO is an aspiring back up dancer to Beyonce's choreographed "Single Ladies" video and if i didn't know any better, I'd say he was twerkin harder than Bey's own backup girls .. (get it SHANE!) Here is the video if you haven't seen it .. and below that is an even better one from the Bonnie Hunt Talk Show where he's in front of the actual video and big screen and he blends right in! Embedding was disabled, so the best i could provide was the URL .. ENJOY "Heyonce!" lol

Live Screen Dancing on Bonnie Hunt Show
...the next CHRIS CROCKER maybe ??
hmm, i needa get me a youtube gig .. lol


So i just about DIED laughing after i seen this 'banned' commercial .. holy crap && HOT MYLANTA!!! We need more commercials like this on television, so maybe i wouldn't use them as opportunities for bathroom breaks, eating, texting, channel surfing, etc .. lol

Another Reason To Stay Celibate,

Saturday, November 29, 2008

iJOY or iHUMP?

--Yo, if this aint the most perverted exercise equipment ever .. like WTF?! are u kidding me?? the guy in this video look like he havin WAY too much fun, and that worries me .. they should have viewer discretion warnings before showing the infomercial on tv .. if this isn't teaching the new generation how to hump properly, then I DEE FREAKIN KAY what is!! (smh) @ AMERICA.

Friday, November 28, 2008


*starring Reese Witherspoon & Vince Vaughn*

Four Christmases Poster Pictures, Images and Photos
I'm actually a HUGE fan of the romantic comedy genred movies and when i seen the previews for this, i wasn't too sure if it was gonna be all that funny. looked like another "Meet the Parents" type movie (which was very funny) but i dont like seeing modified re-enactments of originals, which is hard nowadays

Anytrays, it turned out to be 5x better than expected. it has u laughing from beginning to end, and with just enough humor, it throws in some sexual innuendos as well
(can't have too many of those right?) *wink wink*

This is how my Thanksgiving evening was spent .. needed somethin to laugh off all that turkey i ate (which i'm still eating by the way) haha .. surprise, surprise! haha..

Highly recommended, GO SEE IT !!!
no, i didn't say BOOTLEG it, lol ..
low-budget muthasuckaz (smh)


Still Laughin' Out Loud,

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


-it's come to my attention that most, if not many celebrities will pay THOUSANDS of dollars to either replace (w/ veneers), reconstruct, or simply fix (adjust) their teeth without going through the trainwreck (braces) procedure ..


Jamie Foxx
Photobucket Photobucket

Keyshia Cole
Photobucket Photobucket
--courtesy of MEDIATAKEOUT.COM

Hilary Duff:

Miley Cyrus:

And MOST RECENTLY .. 50 Cent:

-This just comes to show how far a smile really goes .. it's the first thing you notice on someone's face, and its presence can make ur day, or lack thereof .. now I aint knockin these folks who spent around 2G's per tooth, i'm actually rather jealous cuz i aint got money like that to hook my grill up, lol .. naw, but heyy, i guess in Hollywood, beauty IS only skin deep ..

Future Veneer Owner,

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