Wednesday, December 17, 2008


taylor swift Pictures, Images and Photos

I've been a lil M.I.A from the blog game recently, and i apologize, but as most of you may know, i've made my return to the Zona (phx), so it's been non-stop reuniting, partyin, laughter, and fun (more blogs about that to come).

Anyway, it's come to my attention that ppl really don't give ALL music a chance, whether it be because of its genre, or artist, or reputation, but i'm here to let you all know that I, Gloria Atanmo, do not discriminate against music.

I listen to all types of good music, and when I say good music, I'm pertaining to its lyrical content, beat, message, or symbolism. That's quality music to me. If a country song has the right message that suits my mood, then ima knock that ish! (especially if its therapeutic)

Now if you've been following me on TWITTER or FACEBOOK .. my statuses have been focused towards one particular artist.. TAYLOR SWIFT .. now i've already gotten some praise/slack about it .. being black and listenin to country, but like i said i do not discriminate against good music.. lately i've just been in the mood for it .. and if you've never heard her music, i recommend these 3 songs:

"You Belong With Me"
"Love Story"

If any of you know any other good Taylor Swift songs, lemme know! i be ON it now! Oh and when you listen, fellaz especially, tune out the banjo playin in the background of "You Belong With Me" cuz it might deter you from wanting to listen .. like it did to many of my friends .. lol

But peep her ish sometime .. and most importantly, listen to the EFFIN message.. we, Americans seem to overlook that in so many songs today .. smh.

TAYLOR SWIFT Fearless album 2008 Pictures, Images and Photos
Taylor Swift (Album) Pictures, Images and Photos
taylor swift Pictures, Images and Photos

Just Thought I'd Share,


  1. jessica rae said...
    amen. i've been trying to tell people this alllll along ! im not the biggest fan of country but taylor is decent enough to get on the ipod.
    Mikeman said...
    I complety agree with you NOT DISCRIMINATING with MUSIC cuz i sure as hell dont. Imean i was all over MIA before she blew up just as an example. But anyways i do like Taylor Swift...just the radio singles...sadly i havent gotten any further in her music than that.

    And country u know ive had a couple country songs on itunes but got deleted by my jr for being who it was [country haha] Anyways... U already know all music is welcomed by me as i know vice versa. SO well just keep this music thang a rolling
    G-M0N3Y said...
    lol .. i know right! thats how i feel jess, if i'm not gonna buy their album, they can at least expect to be on the ipod.. and mike, lmao @ jr.. lol

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