Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Okay, so i'm studying for my last set of finals, and i so randomly get this 'Phx Suns Text Alert' saying:

SUNS NEWS: The Suns have traded Raja Bell, Boris Diaw & Sean Singletary to the Bobcats for Jason Richardson, Jared Dudley & a 2nd-round draft pick."

Okay, uhhm WTF!?! i immediately send out a MASS text to my PHOENIXANS & ARIZONIANS about this f*ckery to share my pain with someone.. and got the same reactions from them as well.. i mean the Suns, if you haven't figured out already are my EFFIN team! i love them dudes (yes HETERO!) lol .. i'm like diehard for phx, but i have yet to get a tattoo of the team, build a shrine, or shave my head to commemorate their success .. but thats still my team, yo!

But after talkin to some sports heads (basketball ones in particular) i realized this might not be so bad for the suns .. After all, we weren't doin to well anyway.. it all went downhill when Mike D'antoni (former head coach) went to the Knicks and Terry Porter was hired. Not tryna knock the brutha, but he screwed up our system and style of playin ..

Comparatively speaking, we should have the upper hand in this trade, because Richardson was puttin up more numbers than Bell, however, Richardson has been the 'go-to' player on his former teams (Warriors & Bobcats), and here in phx, we don't need that kind of personnel. We have Nash, Amare, & Shaq to go to.. So i just don't see him fitting in the system, but i'll give him the benefit of the doubt anyway.. but team chemistry takes time .. you seen how long it took the Suns to adjust to Shaq big a** cloggin up the middle.. lol .. but look at him NOW! haha .. shoutout to the Big Cactus puttin' up numbers .. ya'll see his 35 point game the other night against the Bucks?! ahh, yes .. he's back!

Until then, we shall just wait it out and see .. I called it first though, NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP IN PHX '09! YESSSS, HATE ON IT!!!!

Concerned Phoenix Suns Fan,


  1. Jervis said...
    trust me, you have NOTHING to worry about. ok, bell was a very valuable player. but trust me, richardson can make up for diaw and bell combined. i dont know how much you watch rich, but he's all star material. and i dont thin chemistry is a problem. in the nba many players hit the court, and zone out, and are just focused on the GAME,and with that chemistry develops. and as far as dudley goes, hes only in the picture because of MONEY, but even with that, i think he can improve.
    Mikeman said...
    Yo i feel ya pain then thought and read up on it and dont think it as bad as i thought. For the reasons stated in statistics and on the court! I still would rather have them still on the team but hey i cant have everything.

    Stilled TO'd at the fact but whatever all AZ fans are tho. idk what else to say it was devestatng news for me to get
    G-M0N3Y said...
    Yeah it right Jerv.. I over reacted a bit.. He looked good the other day.. 21 in his debut.
    Daniel said...
    Still can't get over this. JRich is the only reason why I somewhat follow/support the warriors today. I love his style, and he's definitely one of my favorite dunkers. I was very disappointed to see him leave the bay, now he goes to Phoenix? Me being a lakers fan, you ought to know how i feel about the SUNS :] Thats right, i'm a hater but Phoenix got the bigger bite in my opinion.

    G-M0N3Y said...
    LMAO .. right Dan, i feel u ..
    i was born & raised in the bay, so i loved him more with the warriors and was diehard back then .. but its on to bigger & better things now!

    oh yeahh .. and F*CK a LAKER! lmao

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