Friday, December 19, 2008


Now, this isn't too recent (actually happened this past June) but i just HAD to blog about it, in all its ridiculousness (yes, thats a word .. GOOGLE it.. lol) So basically, this "volumptuos" lady claims to be injured by a thong .. true story! She was putting it on, and the metal heart that i think connects one side to other popped off and struck her eye..

Now, i'm thinkin to myself, now how the hell did that happen?? And when i see her on video, i'm like GOOOD LAWD!!! u buyin Victoria Secret lingerie that looks like a size 3, when it aint no secret about yo size .. what she need to be buyin is a Victoria Secret BRA for them saggy a** tiddayz! LMAOOOOOOOOOO.. this story is just a bunch of fckery! She even went as far to hire an attorney (who feels compelled to jump in every two words because he thinks she will fck up her case .. lol)

Idk America, if we're at the point where we're suing corporations for a lack of our 'flexibility' ..i just dont know .. STHOMH (shaking the hell outta my head)..

P.S. Notice how Meredith is playing the skepticist role and breaking her down left & right .. haha .. gotta love a good interviewer!


  1. Domenic 'Dom Corleone' said...
    Bwahahahah this story is just ridiculous, OMG!

    Ain't nothin wrong with big girls, but big girls that try to rock a piece especially a thong that they shouldn't, that's just wrong!
    JuiicyKisz said...
    the damn thing was probably too small. tryna fit her ass in it made the thing pop off. smh. if my chest didn't hurt i'd lmfao.
    jessica rae said...
    so im supposed to be watching a movie and im lurking on my phone. as sooooon as i get out im going to let out THEE biggest laugh ever known to man baaaahaha
    Jervis said...
    ladies,ladies,ladies,take notes,NEW strategy on how to get money in this recession.

    Next time yurr shoelace unties out of NO WHERE,and you trip and BUSS ya noggin open, SUE NIKE!!!
    G-M0N3Y said...
    U guys are hilarious.. U really are :P

    And Jerv.. lmao, GOOD IDEA!!! haha.. Cuz that's basically sayin the same thing!
    Whathehelle Fontenelle said...
    Lol you don't get NONE of that over here in England, to sue someone you need to be shot dead on the tube, before anyone even gives you a hearing!
    Mikeman said...
    that chick need to DROP DEAT w/ that shit! like this was a yr ago and like U said that thong was like a size "itty biddy" for a size "MACRIDA"

    I just cant believe this....its your fault for trynna squeez yo'self into something you ought not to...i mean somthings gonna give... & i guess its the lil heart in yo ojo haha

    Glo this made my day
    [$ H A R O N A] said...

    Social Disaster said...
    These things should come with a warning label.

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