Sunday, September 28, 2008


(Glo?? Has a case of jungle fever???)

[need i say more?]

--lol, okayy fine .. haha .. so i was at the club over the weekend and kinda kept runnin into the same guy OVER & OVER .. well, actually he admitted that he was PURPOSELY runnin' into me to 'spark conversation' lol .. but anyways, he's REAL sweet .. stayed up REAL late last night talkin on the phone .. which i kinda missed .. i think CAKIN' is healthy (not sure about the ass to the screen killuh B type of cakin tho) lmao .. j/k
--but he's takin me out Friday night, so we'll see how that goes .. its the typical movie/dinner type of thing .. then like a special massage (that's all he'll tell me) lol
--oh and how could i forget .. HE'S WHITE!!! lol .. yes, WHITE!!! haha .. wow, never thought this day would come .. as much as my English teacher Mrs. Turnbaugh teased me about not likin white ppl beyond a platonic level, i actually DO! he's so cute tho! uggh .. lemme stop =]

lol .. more to come :D


Thursday, September 25, 2008


(for those of u who didnt know, i used to hang from kanye's nutsack, lmao.. naw, i was on his JOCK harddd back in the day tho, as u can see from my old blog from back in my 'hoodrat' days ...)

--to me, he's in my top 3 ALL-TIME greatest rappers alive, hands down. lyrically, not too many ppl are fckin wit him on that level ya dig. and i love it when a rapper conveys a message with circumlocution (dont worry .. i got chall, lmao):

cir·cum·lo·cu·tion /ˌsɜrkəmloʊˈkyuʃən/ Pronunciation [sur-kuhm-loh-kyoo-shun]
–noun 1. a roundabout or indirect way of speaking; the use of more words than necessary to express an idea.

--all the junk we learned in English class throughout high school is what rappers utilize in their freestyles and rhymes (i.e. metaphors, puns, similes). that's what makes a punchline so great, its the METAPHORS!!! ever thought about that?

--anyways, i try to promote Yeezy the best i can .. lol .. i rock his shades enough already!!! shoooooot.. lol
--but the much anticipated new album was set to drop DECEMBER 16th, so mark ya calendars! its called "808's and Heartbreak"
--but now, NEWS FLASH: LP release date moved up to "November something" according to his blog; not to try and compete with 50's upcoming album, but so that his fans can hear his music sooner, because 'Love Lockdown' did better than he expected.. which by the way the NEW VERSION of 'Love Lockdown' is now available, and if u ask me, it pretty much sounds the same with slight modifications to the hook & chorus, but more power to u 'YE!




Tuesday, September 23, 2008


[so u know i had to bring the kanyeezy shades out for this one.. like DUH!]

--so the Delta house was throwin a party after our first home-opener football game, which was a hearbreaker after we ended up losin 25-21 in the 4th quarter. we was up for 3 freakin quarters joe! but i dont wanna get into that.. anywho, the Del house throws a party regardless, for any home football game cuz their motto is ----------------------------------------->
--i thought that was funny as hell when i first heard it, but FYi, i dont drink yall .. most should already know that .. just aint for me .. but i was mad at myself for not bringin my camera that night cuz i had on shorts, so not much room for pockets, if u know what i mean, lol
--so i had to make it hood and whip out the young camera/video phone and record what i could .. haha .. that ish was SUPER BRACKIN tho, had the whole "Glow in the Dark" theme .. mann oh mann .. check it out!

[& yes, thats "PROMISCUOUS" playin; that used to be the CUT!]

-until next time . . .



(what .. chall thought i'd move to Kansas and not go horseback riding??)
shoooooooooooooooooot, lol

-i was scared as hell at first, but once i got on, i felt like i was on top of the freakin world yall! its just one of them thangz that u gotta do in ur lifetime .. fo real!

[my one-eyed horse .. lol]

[tryna lay low .. haha]

[all ABOARD!]

[gettin the hang of it..]

[tryin to steer, lol]

-shoutout to Coach Decker's ranch .. freakin HUGE (20 acres dawgg)


Work @ 8AM ?!?!


--so its like this, i'm up the night before pretty late .. end up wakin up again at 2AM, and STAYIN up for some odd reason, so by the time 8AM hit, i was SOOOO freakin tired dude .. i kept fallin asleep in my office (head fallin down, chin touchin ur chest kinda sleepy) lol, but i didnt want bosslady to walk by and see me either, so i went to the bathroom && made this video to help wake me up.. ENJOY!
--P.S. (Sorry, but u can't hear me! lol .. thats how gone i was)

[i'm so lame. them was some real hard slapz too, no spoofz!]


Monday, September 22, 2008


(this is why we need to vote Obama as our next president)

[who dusts off they shoulder better?]

..besides big HOVA of course

Sunday, September 21, 2008


(will not name any names for the little respect i DO have for these gentlemen)

--okay, first of all, if someone congratulates you on a good game whether u won or lost, accept it or say thank you and move on.
*a 'psssh' noise with ur mouth
*an eye roll
*a mean smirk
*ignoring it
--these blatant signs of disrespect were uncalled for and unnecessary. yes, okay, yo a$$ aint play the whole freakin game, but thats still yo team. u win with them u lose with them. but eff it. at least now i know. yes, i forgive but i NEVER forget. karma is a female dogg and i keep her at my right hand side.. REMEMBER THAT!!!

Deltas, u guys ROCK, yo! that was a kick a$$ party yall threw tonight, matter fact, i'm barely gettin back in my room .. ha!

[pictures to come soon]

Saturday, September 20, 2008

MY D0RM :]

(after a couple modifications)

--my room is finally done!! it almost looks the one back home, i had to bring a part of it with me, shoooot.. but enjoy !!

[a junky vibe, but i LOVE it]

[moooooore JUNK!]

[almost time to suit up, new jerseys came! and the team shoes are the lebronz u see on my desk!]

#20 this year, come see bout it!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008


(subscribe to him, yall!)-->

--if the name isn't familiar, Affion Crockett is the guy from Wild 'n' Out (tall, black, light skinned, goofy lookin dude, lol) he's real big in the YouTube World like many other celebrities (Diddy, Bow Wow, Soulja Boy)
--i feel so behind, but shoutout to my dude Jaron who told me bout his videos and i finally hit them up. He's got a couple spoofs of music artists such as Weezy but he's more famous for his spoofs of Making The Band 4 (all 3 seasons i think)
--anytime u can ridicule or poke fun out of somethin thats already funny, i'm impressed. this dude is madddd funny, yo .. like he's got about 30 videos, i recommend u see them ALL! lol .. the first one i watched of him i posted below ..

[Mr. Carter Collabo Wit Jay-Z off Tha Carter III album]


Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Sad Truth :/

[from photobucket]

--this is definitely one of the realest quotes i've ever read/heard/seen .. because although most girls don't want to admit it, guys are A**HOLES! (with an exception for the slight few good ones out there) but guarantee about 80% of females have been screwed over at least once by a dude, and the worst part is prolly half of them still with that same jerk.
--those who wonder why i became celibate .. this is the very reason .. i wasn't finna get played/hurt/abused no more (when i say abuse i mean verbal)
--i think its cuz i kept dating the same kind of men and was gettin the same kind of results .. but its hard, when u attracted to a certain type of dude, u cant just tell urself to stop liking them overnight .. and i dont discriminate, but ima stop makin preferences .. i'm going for a white guy next ;D


Friday, September 12, 2008

Eh .. YOU Like???

[new colors/theme]

--its a new month .. new chapter .. new scene ..
so why not a new theme?
--so i switched the colors up a lil bit && changed the heading picture .. hope the bright yellow isn't TOO hard to read .. lol .. if it is, lemme know! (and i will happily re-direct cho a$$ to another blog) ya digg! lol ..

(woooot woooot!)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What I Do At Midnight ...

(roll outta bed && pose for the camera)

--lol .. the sad thing is, i'm serious! haha .. naww, not really .. i just be tryna get my swole on .. its gettin there pplz! give me a couple more months! haha.. dont sleep!




Go Volleyball Girls!

(Lady Wildcats)

--i try to support as many other sports teams as possible, just because i'm an athlete and i know how good it feels to see other athletes come out and support my basketball games.. so i try to do the same, and just to show pride as well (I LOVE BAKER!)
--so basically these girls kicked ARSEE!! haha .. from the get-go .. it was like 11-2 in the first set, i knew it'd be over from there .. they took it all the way and won 3 straight sets .. just like the bosses they are! ha .. shout out to the V-BALL girls!

Photobucket Photobucket
[Missouri Valley] vs. [Baker University]


Winded From Conditionin'!!!

(conditionin' for basketball)

--by far the worst we've had to do .. i mean, i dont mind runnin the track, but when its repetitively for a long period of time, then we gotta problem .. and the way they do it is they have it so we're not doin the same type of conditionin every time.
--first day we ran 6 laps including the bleachers from the home side .. the second day we ran like 30 second sprints, then walk for 15 seconds, then repeat until we've done 6 laps (pretty brutal as well)
--but TODAY >>> OOHHH GOODNESS MIGHTY LAWD! it was murder! str8 up! i had already threw up this mornin, so i wasn't in the best mood for the track, not to mention i had a small bowl of ice-cream for lunch :/
--but we ran for 20 minutes, in increments of 20 seconds around the track .. 20 second sprint, 20 second jog, then 20 second walk .. it was HELL [on Earth] .. like 4real .. i was heated .. can't even lie .. haha .. i, myself prefer bleachers, but uggh whatever. i have to remember at the end of the day, its only makin me a better player and preparin me for the next level of competition :)

[this what i looked like .. lmao! j/k]

[the ONLY time i will get squirted in the face .. lol .. ewww]

Tired = Slackin'

(new week)

--i'm slackin' on my blog game .. got tons of pictures from the weekend, but no time/energy to put em up .. ehh .. we'll try 2mrrw .. too tired, got a lab to finish .. hollerrr.

Friday, September 5, 2008


(i didnt actually play it tho..)

--but i learned how to for the very first time a couple weekends ago! i mean i've heard of the game be4, just never knew how to play it .. but now i do :)
--not that i ever will though, lol .. cuz everyone knows G-Money doesn't drink (like dUH!).. unless its water, gatorade, juice, or beverages of that nature =D

P.S. lately, i've been drinking GUAVA juice like 3x a day.. OMG its the BEST! my school has all kinds of juices to choose from and i have the same combination everytime
*1/8 of gatorade
*1/8 of fruit punch
*1/4 of apple juice
*1/2 of guava juice

--i dont think i've ever had an actual guava fruit, but alls i know is that the drink is effin BOMB! like forrrrrrrrreal .. go try that ish ASAPERZZZ!!
--now enjoy some snapshots of my beer pong experience (white ppl know how to party, yo!) haha

[the set-up]

[the players .. lol]

[idk either .. lol]


--shoutout to TAYLER, KAITLIN, BROCK, MALCOLM, && all the other guy basketball playerz .. lol .. i'm still learnin names, OKAYYY! hahaha.


Thursday, September 4, 2008


(who doesn't?!)

--i can't get enough of it. i recently went on a music rampage and downloaded all kinds of songs. i'm becoming more and more open to all genres of music, so i have no biases when it comes to good music. Preferences, yes, but all depending on the mood, feel me?
--if u were to browse thru my ipod touch, you'd find somethin like this (alphebetically):

+Alicia Keys+
+Ace Hood+
+Angie Stone+
+Anthony Hamilton+
+Asia Cruise+
+Avril Lavigne+
+Barry White+
+The Beatles (oh yeaah, i go wayyy back!)+
+Beenie Man+
+Bob Marley+
+Brad Paisley+
+Britney Spears+
+Bun B+
+Busta Rhymes+
+Candy Hill+
+Carl Thomas+
+Cheri Dennis+
+Chris Brown (he makes up about 15% of my ipod)+
+Colby O'Donis+
+Cool Kids, The+
+Corrine Bailey Rae+
+Crank Squad+
+Danity Kane+
+Daniel Bedingfield+
+Dave Chappelle+
+Destiny's Child+
+Diana Ross+
+DJ Drama+
+DJ Khaled+
+Dream, The+
+Erykah Badu+
+Elephant Man+
+Fall Out Boy+
+Federation, The+
+Flo Rida+
+Fonzworth Bentley+
+Field Mob+
+Gorilla Zoe+
+Gym Class Heroes+
+Hot Sylz+
+Hurricane Chris+
+India Arie+
+Ingrid Michaelson+
+J. Holiday+
+Jackson 5+
+Janet Jackson+
+Jamie Foxx+
+Jason Mraz+
+Jill Scott+
+Jonas Brothers+
+John Legend+
+Justin Timberlake+
+K-Ci & JoJo+
+Kanye West+
+Karina Pasian+
+Keith Sweat+
+Keri Hilson+
+Keyshia Cole+
+Keak da Sneak+
+Kirk Franklin+
+Lauryn Hill+
+Lil' Mama+
+Lil' Wayne (who makes up about 30% of my ipod; i can't help it if he's on every remix out there!)+
+Lil Will+
+Little Jackie+
+LL Cool J+
+Lupe Fiasco+
+Luther Vandross+
+Lyfe Jennings+
+Mac Dre+
+Mariah Carey+
+Maroon 5+
+Marvin Gaye+
+Mary J. Blige+
+Michael Jackson+
+Miley Cyrus+
+Missy Elliott+
+Natasha Bedingfield+
+One Chance+
+PANIC! At the Disco+
+Pack, The+
+Pretty Ricky+
+R. City+
+R. Kelly+
+Rick James+
+Rick Ross+
+Robin Thicke+
+Ryan Leslie+
+Sammie (not the same person)
+Sara Bareilles+
+Sean Kingston+
+Sean Paul+
+Shawty Lo+
+Sheek Louch+
+Snoop Dogg+
+Soulja Boy+
+Solange Knowles+
+Stevie Wonder+
+Sunshine Anderson+
+Talib Kweli+
+Teyana Taylor+
+Trey Songz+
+Tiffany Evans+
+Vanessa Carlton+
+Wayne Wonder+
+Willie Da Kid+
+Yael Naim+
+Ying Yang Twins+
+Yolanda Adams+
+Young Jeezy+
+Yung Berg+
+2Face Idibia+
+50 Cent+
+ and 6 pgs of applications && games :D+

--Now of course these aren't the only artists I have on there (434 artists total); I purposely only put artists who've exceeded the 'one-hit-wonder' barrier in my eyes. Some you may have never heard of and that's because your local radio stations won't play it. I, personally, don't listen to the radio, because i dont feel like it plays real music; maybe 3 months after a song was released will it play on the radio (which by then it'll be played out) so i don't even waste my time with that junk.
--Notice the variety in the artists though; and this isn't even including the collaborations. But i basically bump what i'm in the mood for. i may feel like rockin out to Miley Cyrus one day or coolin' off to Al Green.
--If you learn anything from this entry, explore your options and give all types of music a chance. Don't listen to just rap cuz you think it's 'cool'. if you like country music, u better knock that shit to the max! lol .. embrace your qualities and increase ur quantity of genres of music.

P.S. Holla at me if you want suggestions for a bomb song from any of the artists i've listed or a tight song in general. my ipod is updated on a weekly basis (i download from 50-100 songs a week)


Monday, September 1, 2008


(i know u thinkin wtf is that .. explanation to come)

--well, for the weekend, i went home to my roommate/teammate's crib in Independence, MO, just about an hour and a half off our turf at Baker, haha .. but we came on friday, still here actually, but friday we went to her brother's high school football game (shoutout to Fort Osage High School) they STAY hyped over there .. the atmosphere reminded me of high school and la joya, and how much i hated that school .. haha, naw, but it felt nice to be around them lil youngins again .. haha .. they be wildin yo!
--but sunday, is when it went down at SANTACALIGON (SANTA CLARA && CALIFORNIA && OREGON mixed in one) hence the goofy name, lol .. but its basically a festival celebratin the trail of Lewis && Clark back in the day .. if u dont know what i'm talkin bout, pick up a damn book .. haha .. j/k .. but yeah that was crazy .. overall had fun .. more pics to come!!!

[in Missouri]

[some of the rides there]

[..and more]


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