Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Winded From Conditionin'!!!

(conditionin' for basketball)

--by far the worst we've had to do .. i mean, i dont mind runnin the track, but when its repetitively for a long period of time, then we gotta problem .. and the way they do it is they have it so we're not doin the same type of conditionin every time.
--first day we ran 6 laps including the bleachers from the home side .. the second day we ran like 30 second sprints, then walk for 15 seconds, then repeat until we've done 6 laps (pretty brutal as well)
--but TODAY >>> OOHHH GOODNESS MIGHTY LAWD! it was murder! str8 up! i had already threw up this mornin, so i wasn't in the best mood for the track, not to mention i had a small bowl of ice-cream for lunch :/
--but we ran for 20 minutes, in increments of 20 seconds around the track .. 20 second sprint, 20 second jog, then 20 second walk .. it was HELL [on Earth] .. like 4real .. i was heated .. can't even lie .. haha .. i, myself prefer bleachers, but uggh whatever. i have to remember at the end of the day, its only makin me a better player and preparin me for the next level of competition :)

[this what i looked like .. lmao! j/k]

[the ONLY time i will get squirted in the face .. lol .. ewww]


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