Sunday, September 28, 2008


(Glo?? Has a case of jungle fever???)

[need i say more?]

--lol, okayy fine .. haha .. so i was at the club over the weekend and kinda kept runnin into the same guy OVER & OVER .. well, actually he admitted that he was PURPOSELY runnin' into me to 'spark conversation' lol .. but anyways, he's REAL sweet .. stayed up REAL late last night talkin on the phone .. which i kinda missed .. i think CAKIN' is healthy (not sure about the ass to the screen killuh B type of cakin tho) lmao .. j/k
--but he's takin me out Friday night, so we'll see how that goes .. its the typical movie/dinner type of thing .. then like a special massage (that's all he'll tell me) lol
--oh and how could i forget .. HE'S WHITE!!! lol .. yes, WHITE!!! haha .. wow, never thought this day would come .. as much as my English teacher Mrs. Turnbaugh teased me about not likin white ppl beyond a platonic level, i actually DO! he's so cute tho! uggh .. lemme stop =]

lol .. more to come :D



  1. killuh b said...
    hahahahah LMAO!!!!!!
    SO MISSS THANG... we crossing over?
    ~*Jazzy*~ said...
    ohhhhh okay lol i'm really feeling this post... lol
    but however i ddn't take pics at the game i took one with jamal.. so if and when i get the pic it will post it up on here.. :)
    Michael A Bowens said...
    ¿con un gringo Glo?

    Jk but Whoa!?!
    No could of seen that coming haha and I'm so witness to that comment by Turnbaugh. Glad to know u can date 'em and befriend 'em lol!

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