Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hi, I'm Gloria and...

...well, on my campus at least. I just got promoted to manage my university's blog on top of already working for the Marketing Department who writes articles, edits photos, videos, and web designs. See examples of work here.

I'm making moves ya'll! Join the ride or sideline my pride? Ur decision ;)


Happy Birthday, Michael Jackson

On this beloved day, the late, great Michael Jackson would've turn 51 years old. As you all may have heard by now.. his death is now being ruled a homicide with high levels of Acute Propofol intoxication given to him by personal doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray, who on top of that waited 81 whole minutes after Michael stopped breathing before calling 911. Autopsy's are a female dog, they will expose everything! Smh.. anyways #shoutsout shout out to BET for dedicating this whole day to Michael with his favorite video countdown, documentary specials, and the BS BET dedication awards from June. Gotta love Google for always keeping it funky & fresh with their updated logos. From all of us to you Mike, Happy B-day. I leave you with one of my all-time faves:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Aaliyah ft. So UniQ - Rock the Boat (Remix)
Download & Listen here

Eight years later and her music still sounds just as pure as when she was still alive. As a way of commemorating her life and remembering what she brought to music, So UniQ mastered this remix of one of her classics "Rock the Boat". As if the song couldn't get any better.. So Uniq uses his smooth and swagged out tone to add to the addicting beat already exuded through ya speakers. So sit back, listen, and enjoy. Here's to you, Aaliyah.

So UniQ
Producer . Artist . Songwriter


It's the unthinkable.. the unimaginable.. the unwitnessable for LeBron James to get traded to the New York Knicks when his contract expires in 2010.  As of yet, there are no facts or deals set in stone, but in recent interviews, LeBron keeps hinting how he will exercise his options and be open to what is out there (aka the New York Knicks); while claiming Cleveland nonetheless, will always be his home "no matter where his profession takes him" smh.. sell out.  If you're a Cavalier fan, you're probably outraged.. if you're a Knickerbocker fan, you're pissin urinations of joy all over the ground as I speak. Whichever category you may fall in, I advise you to keep the trash-talkin and mind-readin to a minimal, because I guarantee you this is all just a way of publicly displaying the power he bestows in the Cavalier's GM and their annual financial quota. At the end of the day, the New York fans get their hearts broken and go back to bandwagon-hoppin on other teams (i.e Celtics, Lakers), the Cavaliers staff raise his salary by a couple more billion dollars *side eye*, and Shaq will end up on another team, yet again.  Do you get where I'm going here? It's all hype and media. No facts, no logic, no sense. Just money and egos to be satisfied and met by the end of the day.

Watch the Sunday Conversation on ESPN with LeBron James here. (Fast Forward to 1:11)
Your thoughts?


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Oh the Beauty of Color Splashing..

One of the many ways to alter and beautify a photo is to color splash it. In other words, put the picture on a black & white scaled frame while leaving out a few distinctive and loud color(s) to put emphasis on that particular object in the picture or view it in another perspective. Here are some greatly edited colorsplashed flicks.. enjoy!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Google Can Be a B*tch...

There is no way in hell this corrupted world we call "home" is this ignorant? Now before you jump to conclusions and ask why I was looking up on AIDS to begin with.. this picture is courtesy of I'm slightly offended and confused at the same time to think someone people really thought this was true. And to make sure this wasn't a gimmick, I searched it myself, and sure enough, this popped up. Smh. What other stereotypes on black people shall we discern while we're at it? *insert eye roll here*


Saturday, August 15, 2009

New MySpace Bio

My name? GL0.. also my SPECIALTY. My life is like a NOTEBOOK, and people are like PAGES; new day, new hater, gotta RIP ANOTHER PAGE OUT. No matter what you do or how well you do it, there's ALWAYS someone there waiting to kill your glory, steal your shine, and knock you down. If you're looking for a cool club to join, i gotta MEANNNN block list; feel free to VOLUNTEER. I lay a foundation with the bricks thrown at me - a STRONG one. I don't play. I NEVER feel jealous of an accomplished woman, only INSPIRED. What separates me from others, brings me closer to myself. The BIBLE is my amo, and GOD is my weapon; for if he is with me, who then can be against me? (ROMANS 8:31) So dynamic and strapped, it's practically LETHAL to cross my path. Never letting the fear of falling stop me from spreading my wings. BEST ADVICE someone ever told me? DON'T MAKE A PERMANENT DECISION BASED ON A TEMPORARY SITUATION. Highly opinionated.. my 2 cents are easily worth more than your whole PIGGY BANK. Don't spend your whole life avoiding the storm, cuz you'll never enjoy the SUNSHINE. Love lights more fires than hate extinguishes. So i choose to love. Lord, help me choose my friends wisely, I can handle my enemies. COMPLEX SIMPLICITY WITH A SIMPLE COMPLEXION - did i lose ya there? I can be the goofiest person in the world (ask any class/teammates) but steer me wrong and i will let JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL. And plz don't ask me any questions with answers that can easily be found on my page-- i will GLADLY ignore your message/friend request. It's true myspace is the new 'BOOTY CALL' ...just not on MY page. So save your thirst and spit ur game towards the LIQUID-DEPRIVED chicks. Kapeesh? Last but not least, check out my blog! Real talk, its pretty effin cool & it’ll earn u some brownie points! Lol =D

Friday, August 14, 2009

My Home Away From Home...

As many years as I've had to travel (for basketball) and do the whole packing process; i swear it gets harder every time! From experience, I've learned it's always better to over pack than under pack.. so i tend to get a little suitcase-happy and throw just about everything i own in there *side eye*

I'm finally happily settled & moved into my apartment for college (i'm a sophomore). And to even start with how long it took to unpack my 5 suitcases, 7 boxes (from storage), and various miscellaneous items, uggh.. this process took much time, patience, and gospel mixed CDs to keep me sane. Lol.. this week has been crazy. I'm an Orientation Leader for the freshmen on my campus and these youngins are giving me premature grey hairs.. smh, thank God for the stipend :)

Reader Question: What's one thing you felt necessary to bring one year, but ended up never using it?


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Nigerian Roots


I wasted a good majority of life shaming and disassociating myself from something that is and will always be a part of me -- my Nigerian (middle name) Uchechukwu (oo-chay-chew-kwoo). No knocks or clicks necessary; as I would need to remind the ignorant few. Lol. But why spend your life running from something that will follow you regardless? It was like a never ending battle trying to hide from my shadow. Foolish, right? Sad it took me this long to finally acknowledge my stupidity. Eh, better late than never. As my name does mean "the will of God" it's time to start living by it completely. I am ready to change for the greater good, join me?

P.S. Yes, I have changed my facebook name to Uchechukwu, so if you have pondered who the random stranger was showing up on your timeline, no need to be frightened, just lil o' me, hehe :)


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday's Scripture #3

1 John 1:8 (New King James Version)

8 If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.

Ever had that friend who swore up and down their life was flawless? They constantly put on this act like everything was well and they were without sin. Of course you play along and avoid calling them out for the sake of peace, but you are fully aware that them saying that is the farthest thing from the truth. "He who is without sin, be the first to cast the stone" (John 8:7) in reference to the adulteress woman.

Here's a news flash people: we are all sinners! And whether people on Earth know everything you've done to be able to cast proper judgement, just know that God sees it all! You may be perfect in the eyes of man, but God knows your heart. People don't want to hear the truth because it means you need to make adjustments and changes.. and who really wants to change up their lifestyle? The biggest reason we don't want to know the truth? Because it means acknowledging that something is wrong with us. As Christians, we are obligated to receive truth gracefully, as well as give it. Stop going to the same people for advice who will just tell you what you want to hear, rather than what you need to hear. Those are not true friends, just saying.. check your circle; it might need some tightening.. nothing a couple screws & bolts won't fix though :)


Friday, August 7, 2009

Don't you just love how the NBA season is taking its sweet time to come around again? I don't think I've ever sat through more than 5 minutes of a summer sports center episode because it's all centered around baseball, golf, and hockey. Usually those 5 minutes that I do watch are because of NBA trade updates. Anywho, a lot of you guys I'm sure have heard the buzz and seen the video of LeBron gettin dunked on (which in actuality, wasn't that big of a deal)

RANDOM as HELL; but these shoes are the sh%#! Look me in my eyes and tell me to my face that you wouldn't rock the living piss outta these! (excuse my hyperboles) It was just love at first sight. This special MVP edition of his Nike Zoom LeBron VI shoes were worn against the Atlanta Hawks in Game One of the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

Pre-gaming never looked so good; but now to the juicy stuff..

In a recent (August 6th) interview, he tackled some of the buzzing topics circulating his name:
When asked about not shaking hands after the Game 6 loss vs. the Magic or speaking to the media (which the NBA later fined him for) he said:
"I would have [talked with] the media. Looking back on it, without you guys, there's no LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Tiger Woods or no Peyton Manning without the media. Shaking hands is not a big deal to me, it's not being a sore loser; it's moving on."

" I could see why people were talking about [walking off] because your job [the media] starts when mine ends. But as far as the dunk or whatever car I'm driving, some things you shouldn't comment on and some things you should."

When asked about his alleged confiscation of the dunk tape he said:

" I never told anyone to confiscate any tapes. Nike has a no- videotape policy at pickup games. Now that LeBron is involved, it's blown up. It's a play that happens in basketball all the time. You can go on YouTube and see me being dunked on by a lot of guys. I like to call myself a shot-blocker, and [getting dunked on] tends to happen."

Whether or not that clears anything up for you, the man has finally spoken. Being a fan regardless, I'm not gonna let a couple incidents coincide with his reputation as arguably the greatest in the league (as of now). Although your off court actions speak just as loud as your on court ones, let's just say his turnover ratio is a lil high right now.. but I see him on the rebound to a great season in no time!


Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Summer '09

As the summer concludes, i thought I'd share with yall a couple of my favorite summer flicks.. this basically epitomizes the type of summer I had and what i spent a majority of my time doing - not swimming, but relaxing. This was the most laid back summer I ever had. I went from clubbing 3x a week last summer to 3x total this summer. It was hard at first, especially for me always wanting to be on the scene, but honestly I'm not looking for a man at a club, all the music they play I've probably had on my ipod for months, and hella gas gets wasted (cuz most clubs in phx downtown or far east)

While relaxing and spending quality time with family and friends instead, I also got really involved with a new church, which I'm now a proud member of (as of last week) Kingdom in the Valley off Indian School & Old Litchfield Rd (i truly recommend a visit) And it's really helped me refine my relationship with God and have the urge to live more like him. I've also been on my grind in the gym, working out 4-5 days a week: weight room, cardio, and basketball pick-up games. I am probably in the best shape I've been in for a while, I'm excited for season :-D Enough randomness, hope you all's summer is going well, try to enjoy the lil bit we have left!


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Obama!

Dear Mr. President,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are undoubtedly the sexiest President ever; even with age. Don't ever lose that sexy you hear me? Thanks for your continued strive to make progression out of a recession. I will continue to milk out all the government cheese for the meantime. You're America's superhero, and I can't lie, I don't think anyone fills out their uniform quite like you do although your package looks questionable. For someone who's turning 48, you are aging quite gracefully, if I do say so myself. I still do believe I will get the opportunity to stalk meet you one day, and when I do, trust that I shall never wash my hands again unless heavy-duty sh*tting occurs. Keep fighting for this country and restoring what used to be and still has the potential to be great. I pray for your continued guidance and wisdom and just know that us little people down here got your back. Tell Michelle her new hairstyle is FIERCE! Say hi to the kids and kick pet the dog for me (i hate dogs FYI). But smiles all around.


Monday, August 3, 2009

♫ New Artist Watch: So UniQ ♫

His game - rapping; his style - unorthodox. Artist. Songwriter. Producer. What doesn't he do? With his up & coming single Let's Ride set to hit your local airwaves soon, this man is seriously on his grind. Growing up around music, his tunnel vision kept him focused and concentrated on taking his love for music to the next level. In an african-american dominated industry, seeing the hustle of this 20 year old fellow makes me respect what he does that much more.

Ironically, when you listen to him rap, he sounds like he's black anyway! Lol, he got that hood swag and ayethang! Not only does he flow hella smooth on this track, but it got that southern swagged out beat that got you bouncin ya head almost instinctually. Maybach music? Naw, this layback music, as the song suggests. "Let's Ride" is the first S Corp single from the highly anticipated album E.S.G PRESENTES: S CORP - STRENGTH IN NUMBERS which is set for release nationwide in Fall 2009 on GRACIE/EMI.

Wanna know more about So UniQ?
Check him out on his other networks:




Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday's Scripture #2


1 Peter 5:5-6 (New King James Version)

Submit to God, Resist the Devil
5 Likewise you younger people, submit yourselves to your elders. Yes, all of you be submissive to one another, and be clothed with humility, for “God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.”

6 Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time.

Today's sermon is a special dedication to the big egos living in EACH and every one of our heads. You can deny it all you want; but it is safe to say that everyone has felt theirself a lil too much in one way or another. Whether you made the game-winning touchdown, buzzer-beater shot, pulled 10 numbers at the club, etc. Our egos are capable of destroying the blessings God has in store for us.

We need less of us and more of him (as John 3:30 states), and to put him before ourselves. When we are given things prematurely, it messes us up because we start glorifying ourselves and think it was by our own strength that got us where we are. But as quickly as God can bless us with something, he can take it away.

Lesson: It is possible to abort phases of your destiny by trying to skip steps to get to your blessing.


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