Monday, August 3, 2009

♫ New Artist Watch: So UniQ ♫

His game - rapping; his style - unorthodox. Artist. Songwriter. Producer. What doesn't he do? With his up & coming single Let's Ride set to hit your local airwaves soon, this man is seriously on his grind. Growing up around music, his tunnel vision kept him focused and concentrated on taking his love for music to the next level. In an african-american dominated industry, seeing the hustle of this 20 year old fellow makes me respect what he does that much more.

Ironically, when you listen to him rap, he sounds like he's black anyway! Lol, he got that hood swag and ayethang! Not only does he flow hella smooth on this track, but it got that southern swagged out beat that got you bouncin ya head almost instinctually. Maybach music? Naw, this layback music, as the song suggests. "Let's Ride" is the first S Corp single from the highly anticipated album E.S.G PRESENTES: S CORP - STRENGTH IN NUMBERS which is set for release nationwide in Fall 2009 on GRACIE/EMI.

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  1. said...
    Dang! that beat IS hot.. i likes :)
    Anonymous said...
    Two thumbs up, hot song! Hope he makes it big
    Anonymous said...
    Yeah, he DOES sound black, lol. tight song tho!
    Tough-Love said...
    Nice. I voted on the poll to the right
    GL0 said...
    Lol, oh thx!

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