Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Nigerian Roots


I wasted a good majority of life shaming and disassociating myself from something that is and will always be a part of me -- my Nigerian (middle name) Uchechukwu (oo-chay-chew-kwoo). No knocks or clicks necessary; as I would need to remind the ignorant few. Lol. But why spend your life running from something that will follow you regardless? It was like a never ending battle trying to hide from my shadow. Foolish, right? Sad it took me this long to finally acknowledge my stupidity. Eh, better late than never. As my name does mean "the will of God" it's time to start living by it completely. I am ready to change for the greater good, join me?

P.S. Yes, I have changed my facebook name to Uchechukwu, so if you have pondered who the random stranger was showing up on your timeline, no need to be frightened, just lil o' me, hehe :)



  1. Mikeman said...
    See this explains a WHOLE lot
    on so many aspects Glo

    im glad your embracing the name, u know i support all that is culture, race & ethnic

    since you call me a "mutt" LOL
    but yes thanks for the pronounciation of Uchechukwu cuz i was trynna and with out guidance - was lost

    andways i remember when you woulndt tell us you middle name or id that had that one it for that sames reason haha

    i can see why haha
    ♪ ♪ Fř£Sh pŘîNÇëSš™ said...
    way 2 embrace yur heritage mamas
    b proud of who u are!
    GL0 said...
    Haha, thank ya.. thank ya!

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