Friday, August 7, 2009

Don't you just love how the NBA season is taking its sweet time to come around again? I don't think I've ever sat through more than 5 minutes of a summer sports center episode because it's all centered around baseball, golf, and hockey. Usually those 5 minutes that I do watch are because of NBA trade updates. Anywho, a lot of you guys I'm sure have heard the buzz and seen the video of LeBron gettin dunked on (which in actuality, wasn't that big of a deal)

RANDOM as HELL; but these shoes are the sh%#! Look me in my eyes and tell me to my face that you wouldn't rock the living piss outta these! (excuse my hyperboles) It was just love at first sight. This special MVP edition of his Nike Zoom LeBron VI shoes were worn against the Atlanta Hawks in Game One of the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

Pre-gaming never looked so good; but now to the juicy stuff..

In a recent (August 6th) interview, he tackled some of the buzzing topics circulating his name:
When asked about not shaking hands after the Game 6 loss vs. the Magic or speaking to the media (which the NBA later fined him for) he said:
"I would have [talked with] the media. Looking back on it, without you guys, there's no LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Tiger Woods or no Peyton Manning without the media. Shaking hands is not a big deal to me, it's not being a sore loser; it's moving on."

" I could see why people were talking about [walking off] because your job [the media] starts when mine ends. But as far as the dunk or whatever car I'm driving, some things you shouldn't comment on and some things you should."

When asked about his alleged confiscation of the dunk tape he said:

" I never told anyone to confiscate any tapes. Nike has a no- videotape policy at pickup games. Now that LeBron is involved, it's blown up. It's a play that happens in basketball all the time. You can go on YouTube and see me being dunked on by a lot of guys. I like to call myself a shot-blocker, and [getting dunked on] tends to happen."

Whether or not that clears anything up for you, the man has finally spoken. Being a fan regardless, I'm not gonna let a couple incidents coincide with his reputation as arguably the greatest in the league (as of now). Although your off court actions speak just as loud as your on court ones, let's just say his turnover ratio is a lil high right now.. but I see him on the rebound to a great season in no time!



  1. Mr. 5 Star said...
    I wouldn't rock the piss out of those shoes....
    GL0 said...
    Lmao, i hate u!
    Eric_32 said...
    You seen the dunk? It was event that good..

    Dope blog

    Check mine out..

    comment/follow and i'll do the same.
    Tay MF Dee said...
    follow my blog n ill follow urs backk
    -Q. said...
    The shoes is hot.. I think the only thing avidly appreciate is the brotha's shoes since he came out. (Got all but one edition) I wont be a fan till 2010 when he's a Knick (fasho)..

    I alwayz thought he was over rated as being the one. Cant rock with that till you do somethin. He wont even get a chip with Shaq- not hate or fanfare, just knowing the game..

    The Dunk was Heavy. Nothin over the top.. But you the Top Man in league- Like Kobe said "I aint gettin dunked at my own camp" Glad you put what he said out there though.. Good post..
    GL0 said...
    Good ish Q!
    I can appreciate your words, because they're logistic opinions and not based off sole ignorance like most.. lol.. preach on.
    Anonymous said...

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