Saturday, August 22, 2009

Oh the Beauty of Color Splashing..

One of the many ways to alter and beautify a photo is to color splash it. In other words, put the picture on a black & white scaled frame while leaving out a few distinctive and loud color(s) to put emphasis on that particular object in the picture or view it in another perspective. Here are some greatly edited colorsplashed flicks.. enjoy!



  1. Anonymous said...
    I photobucket ish all the time like this...HAWT!
    Neesh B Fly said...
    This blog is super dope tho Love the blog check out mines if you like it follow me..Thanks
    -HotTopics*; said...
    cool blog...

    check out -HotTopics*; and let me know what you think
    Mikeman said...
    Yo! I like love photoshop and feel like im the only one without :(

    Anyways I truly love Color Splashing, giving photos just the right amount of color to make it pop. its a genius idea as an artist.

    even non-artists can color splash ie. Laurissa's party pix color splashing the red party cups haha

    nice & sweet post Glo

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