Saturday, August 15, 2009

New MySpace Bio

My name? GL0.. also my SPECIALTY. My life is like a NOTEBOOK, and people are like PAGES; new day, new hater, gotta RIP ANOTHER PAGE OUT. No matter what you do or how well you do it, there's ALWAYS someone there waiting to kill your glory, steal your shine, and knock you down. If you're looking for a cool club to join, i gotta MEANNNN block list; feel free to VOLUNTEER. I lay a foundation with the bricks thrown at me - a STRONG one. I don't play. I NEVER feel jealous of an accomplished woman, only INSPIRED. What separates me from others, brings me closer to myself. The BIBLE is my amo, and GOD is my weapon; for if he is with me, who then can be against me? (ROMANS 8:31) So dynamic and strapped, it's practically LETHAL to cross my path. Never letting the fear of falling stop me from spreading my wings. BEST ADVICE someone ever told me? DON'T MAKE A PERMANENT DECISION BASED ON A TEMPORARY SITUATION. Highly opinionated.. my 2 cents are easily worth more than your whole PIGGY BANK. Don't spend your whole life avoiding the storm, cuz you'll never enjoy the SUNSHINE. Love lights more fires than hate extinguishes. So i choose to love. Lord, help me choose my friends wisely, I can handle my enemies. COMPLEX SIMPLICITY WITH A SIMPLE COMPLEXION - did i lose ya there? I can be the goofiest person in the world (ask any class/teammates) but steer me wrong and i will let JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL. And plz don't ask me any questions with answers that can easily be found on my page-- i will GLADLY ignore your message/friend request. It's true myspace is the new 'BOOTY CALL' ...just not on MY page. So save your thirst and spit ur game towards the LIQUID-DEPRIVED chicks. Kapeesh? Last but not least, check out my blog! Real talk, its pretty effin cool & it’ll earn u some brownie points! Lol =D


  1. [jei.lamar] said...
    I LOVE IT! you just gave me a new phrase to use this whole month "So save your thirst and spit ur game towards the LIQUID-DEPRIVED chicks"
    Anonymous said...

    I missed yo ass!!!!

    I gots a question! hOW DID YOU get those cool ass buttons for Twitter, Myspace and Facebook?!?


    follow me!!!
    GL0 said...
    Lol, thx ur welcome @Jei.Lamar =]

    && Reggie, missed u too! i got the buttons off of photobucket! Hehe, im followin ya back ;-)

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