Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Think I'm Gettin' Sick :(


--it seems like its been building up since monday, and just been gettin worse by the day .. the last i can remember, i was eating a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavored Pop-tart (THEEEE ABSOLUTE BOMB!) and i started coughin a lil bit after that .. then woke up the next mornin with a bad migrane
--i'm not sayin it was the pop-tart's fault, but uhhm, SOMEthin started it.. and i've been sneezin like crazy too .. runny noses && all :(
--on top of that, my voice has gotten deeper, haha .. didn't think it could get any deeper than it is! lol .. for those that know me, i have a very STRONG, forceful voice, and when caught off guard, i'm known to laugh like a man?? haha .. so i've heard .. lmao (jasmine) but that's BESIDE the point! lol
--i just know i gotta get better be4 tuesday cuz thats when basketball starts the SERIOUS endurance conditioning .. oh joy! (extremely sarcastic) duh! lol

[i wake up feelin like this]

[then go through the day doin this]


Monday, August 25, 2008

(stars on the Comedy Central network)

--so Baker University (as part of the freshmen orientation welcoming) featured a guest speaker who was a comedian from Comedy Central from the Bob & Tom Show. Now, i'm not a regular with comedy central, but every now and then i'll flip thru channels and slow down when i see stand-up comedy and watch it for a lil bit .. so i've seen some pretty good stand-up comedians (Katt Williams, D.L Hughley, Steve Harvey, Bernie Mac-->R.I.P.. u know the KINGS of the comedy game) and i consider them the greats and every1 else on that amateur status, so i wasn't really too hyped bout goin when i heard bout it .. but me && my roommate was chillin in the dorm watchin New York Goes to Hollywood (oh gosh, i will blog about that l8r!) lol .. so we said we might as well
--now right off the bat, this dude was effin HILARIOUS!!! he was too freakin funny .. he would talk about the trials of living at home w/ his parents to his ex-girlfriend, to black athletes, to the most randomest things ever! and he killed EVERY single one of his punchlines .. mann oh mann .. i LOL'd throughout his whole GIG!
--he was even doin improv and off the top of the dome comedy with random ppl from the audience which was hilarius .. baggin on Oklahoma and whatnot .. hahaha
--and he has this sexy, slurrish kinda swag to his talk which makes his jokes even funnier cuz he's so nonchalant about it .. lol
--he's ADORABLE!! see for urself!!!

[ugggh .. isn't he the CUTEST!]

[he's gorgeous .. even when he looks like an idiot .. haha]

[and he EATS just like us too! lmao .. j/k]

P.S. Living in Kansas now, i've developed this new obsession with white guys.. they're soooo cool.. lol .. like i've always befriended them be4, but now, its like i wanna engage in DEEP conversations with them .. they are SOO funny .. ALL of em .. seriously! and no Chioma, i aint goin goo-goo gaga jungle fever on ya .. but heyyy .. a new shade of light wouldn't hurt ..
ya deeeg ?!?

--check his myspace sometime .. his tour includes a round of other schools .. so hopefully he stops by yours this yr .. check him out -->

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lunch at the Wooden Spoke

(weird name .. i know)

--so i've never heard of this place be4 and my counselor (Bill, who picked me up from the airport) asked if i wanted to eat there, and always up for new things, i say SURE! so we get there and i'm thinkin what kinda name is this??
--but i cant argue .. the food was GREAT and i enjoyed every last bite (even though we had to take it to go so i could make the freshmen class pictures) lol


Plane Ride to Kansas



--first && foremost, i wanted to get that out the way. i've always had a fear of flying for as long as i can remember. its just not a pleasant thing. never has been. so to make it go by quicker i'll usually take sleeping pills or stay up all day be4 the flight to guarantee i'll be knocked out when airborne. haha. so if we DO go down, it'll be in peace .. lmao
--so to top off my college experience, i end up missing my first flight due to traffic and minor confusion with my luggage
--i finally arrive in denver about 3-4 hrs later, only to find a flight delay of an hour and 40 minutes .. so i'm thinkin "GREAT!"
--then once i get in Kansas City and got all my luggage, i realize i dont have my phone in my pocket where it ALWAYS is, so i start freakin out .. only to find it picked up by some1 in the airport and in the lost & found w/ my driver's license .. haha
--thank God for loyal KANSAS FOLKS! yay! or as jasmine would put it 'woot woot'! haha


[but i'm just glad i made it here safely]

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Will & Grace

(on my45 @ 3:00pm & 4:00pm)

--u wanna talk about a show that is 'LMAO' worthy?? Will & Grace is my shittttttt! hahaha .. from the obliviousness of Grace, to the queer-esque aura of Will, to the divo found in Jack, to the pompousness of Karen .. this show captures every element of 'funny' that there is.
--every OTHER sentence or dialogue is a joke/punchline. mind you, this show is rated TV-14 for a reason. there are definitely elements of suggestive humor, but all thee better for the viewers! haha. so tune in sometime!



Tuesday, August 19, 2008

(at Ruby Tuesday)

--wow .. what to say bout these girls .. ugh! i dont think i've ever laughed harder, and i know i've said that a lot, but i literally was LOLing all night! my food could hardly stay down. it was me, Adena, Priscilla, and Flip .. Latovia and Denise were supposed to be there too but they were M.I.A :( which sucks cuz we had so much fun and it would've been nice to see them one last time be4 we all go our separate ways.
--say what u want about these chicks, i STILL && will ALWAYS luv em .. as many ups & downs as our season had, i wouldn't trade any of these girls for NOBODY! okay .. maybe Priscilla .. LMAO .. j/k .. u couldn't give me the top girl in the nation for my teammates, and dats REAL!
--and none of em have changed which is a GOOD thing .. they was still the same goofy ass clowns i knew 3 yrs ago when we first all hooked up. i just pray they all stay focused and guided at the next level cuz its a whole lot more ish goin on and its so easy to get side-tracked. but they're smart girls .. they got it.
--i wish this night never ended, here are a couple infamous moments we shared:

[priscilla & flip]

[me & adena]




[and u see why! haha]

[adena embracing her new twins! lmao]

[they was on that homo shit .. lmao]

[drunk .. haha]

[workin the corner for her nightly shift .. hahahaha]

--idk what i'd do w/o these girls mayne .. LUV u all! we doin this again in december when we all come back for Christmas! so keep in touch bitches!!!!



--Well to live in dorms your freshmen yr, there's a vaccination you need to take, and today i went and got that done, along with my physical. the physical wasn't that bad, as expected.. i mean i've had so many of them i practically have the routine memorized. the lady was real nice too .. she gave my stomach a massage, lmao (not sure if that was part of the exam) hahaha .. but i wasn't complainin!!!!! haaahaaaa --> no homo!
--then the shots i got were the HPV (human papillomavirus) a handful right? and the Meningococcal (meninjitis) required for living in dorms, and then the Hepatitis A which prevents liver disease (highly recommend getting all shots u qualify for ASAP! we live in a deadly, contaminated world)
--now granted, i haven't gotten a shot in about 3 or 4 yrs, so i kinda forgot how it feels, but ooooowie, when she stuck that needle in me i musta i remembered REAL quick!!!! LOL
i felt like a lil kidd all over again (minus the tears) hahaha:

[i had a flashback.. LOL]

[the line of suckerzz behind me.. hahaha]

[took it like a 'G' tho]


Nappy Roots

[beyond my nigerian hair .. LMAO]

--as most of u may know, i was born && raised in a pretty rough part of california, and with that comes peer pressure and the need to feel 'wanted' and 'liked' .. this was mainly during my transition from middle school to high school.. i used to have a blog i wrote in back in late '02 i believe which was like the diary of my life .. i continued to write in it til about early '05, which was around the time i left california for arizona (a blessing in disguise). leaving california was hard for me at first, but as i matured, i learned it was for the better, so with that, i knew i couldn't bring everything with me. so one of the things i left behind was my blog
--by accident i stumbled across it a few days ago and couldn't help but laugh at it.
laugh at my ignorance
laugh at my unintelligence
laugh at my terminology
laugh at my obliviousness
laugh at myself
--by no means do i recommend anybody reading it, but if ur that curious as to what i'm talkin about i will give u the link. i was so misguided back in those days and almost had to put on an 'act' when i talked to make myself seem 'harder/tougher' than i really was, and i know some of yall can relate.
--i cant help but pat myself on the back for the complete 360 change i've made over the past 3-4 yrs. i've had my ups & downs, trials & tribulations, setbacks & comebacks, but now i'm here to stay and ain't goin nowhere! BUHLEE DAT!

---------->my old blog<-----------


P.S. i was a Kanye West fanatic at that time .. he had just released his debut album "College Dropout" and i was on his nuts HARD! lmao .. he was my first 'rapper crush' haha



--lunch was great! we went to the Arizona Center to this place called Uno which is like a Chicago Bar & Grill .. our waiter was sooo adorable .. lmao .. she was this lil white girl who almost seemed intimidated by 2 black girls .. haha .. but she let us know it was her first time waiting a table, so we took it real easy on her ;D
--she hooked it up tho! free re-fills & everything! even tho they should've been FREE to begin with! lol .. but i ordered like a-- dang, i dont even remember honestly, but it was BOMB .. it was salad topped wit tomatoes, eggs, bacon, chicken, and delicious ranch dressing. healthy, yet satisfying.
--big ups to trampin tho .. she gave me bomb ass advice about college and opened up about all her experiences (ups & downs) of her college career.
--its crazy cuz i've only known this chick for like 2 months tops, but she feel like a big sista to me .. her friend Roni picked me up on they hoop team in the summer (it was like a women's league .. all them girls was in they 20's except me) and we just became real koo since.. she's real easy to talk to and down to earth.
&& thx for lunch

-->i recommend this place to anyone lookin for a bomb salad!

Last Weekend in AZ

I probably couldn't have scripted it any better!

--was spent with the bestie (Jasmine) acting a damn foo all day! haha .. 1st we went up to our old skoo La Joya to pay our favorite teachers/coaches a visit be4 we headed off for college.. so after i got us kicked out (lmao) we came back to find a GRIP of alumni all waiting to be let back in after school after gettin kicked out like we did .. lol .. but it was fun ..
--then we went back to jasmine house to eat .. i was starvin .. we had some ribs! yummm .. then hit the movies .. seen Dark Knight .. yes, its old, but we was both waitin til this day to see it 2gether .. and honestly, as good of a movie as it was .. it was WAYYYY too long .. i wish we would've seen a comedy instead .. that way we could laugh about it at dinner afterwards (TGI Fridays) but i had fun with that whore-bag .. lmao .. ima miss her like crazy .. she know wassup!

[quick flash be4 i head out the door]

[strikin a pose!]

[REARview! hahaha]

[hair check .. lol]

[bein goofy!]

[advertising Tiger Woods' drink "RED DRIVE" her favorite]

[doin the camera a favor & hiding her face.. lmao (j/k)]

[shotgun for once in a lonnnng time! i STAY whiippin .. lol]

--was spent with my dude Andre .. and be4 half of u guys start speculatin who he is .. just stop, lol .. cuz he's grown and not even from arizona .. so he's probably not who ur thinkin of .. as many ANDRES as there are in this world .. nobody replacin 'dre baby.. and he calls me his 'g-baby' =]
--that man slept the whole way back .. haha .. his sleepy butt .. had me weak! observe ..

[i pinched his lip .. so he started wakin up a lil.. ol sleepy azz!]


[couldn't stop laughin cuz he breathin hard on my face .. loserface .. haha .. ima miss him like CRAZY]


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