Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nappy Roots

[beyond my nigerian hair .. LMAO]

--as most of u may know, i was born && raised in a pretty rough part of california, and with that comes peer pressure and the need to feel 'wanted' and 'liked' .. this was mainly during my transition from middle school to high school.. i used to have a blog i wrote in back in late '02 i believe which was like the diary of my life .. i continued to write in it til about early '05, which was around the time i left california for arizona (a blessing in disguise). leaving california was hard for me at first, but as i matured, i learned it was for the better, so with that, i knew i couldn't bring everything with me. so one of the things i left behind was my xanga.com blog
--by accident i stumbled across it a few days ago and couldn't help but laugh at it.
laugh at my ignorance
laugh at my unintelligence
laugh at my terminology
laugh at my obliviousness
laugh at myself
--by no means do i recommend anybody reading it, but if ur that curious as to what i'm talkin about i will give u the link. i was so misguided back in those days and almost had to put on an 'act' when i talked to make myself seem 'harder/tougher' than i really was, and i know some of yall can relate.
--i cant help but pat myself on the back for the complete 360 change i've made over the past 3-4 yrs. i've had my ups & downs, trials & tribulations, setbacks & comebacks, but now i'm here to stay and ain't goin nowhere! BUHLEE DAT!

---------->my old blog<-----------



P.S. i was a Kanye West fanatic at that time .. he had just released his debut album "College Dropout" and i was on his nuts HARD! lmao .. he was my first 'rapper crush' haha


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