Sunday, August 24, 2008

Plane Ride to Kansas



--first && foremost, i wanted to get that out the way. i've always had a fear of flying for as long as i can remember. its just not a pleasant thing. never has been. so to make it go by quicker i'll usually take sleeping pills or stay up all day be4 the flight to guarantee i'll be knocked out when airborne. haha. so if we DO go down, it'll be in peace .. lmao
--so to top off my college experience, i end up missing my first flight due to traffic and minor confusion with my luggage
--i finally arrive in denver about 3-4 hrs later, only to find a flight delay of an hour and 40 minutes .. so i'm thinkin "GREAT!"
--then once i get in Kansas City and got all my luggage, i realize i dont have my phone in my pocket where it ALWAYS is, so i start freakin out .. only to find it picked up by some1 in the airport and in the lost & found w/ my driver's license .. haha
--thank God for loyal KANSAS FOLKS! yay! or as jasmine would put it 'woot woot'! haha


[but i'm just glad i made it here safely]


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