Monday, August 25, 2008

Comedy Show featuring MICHAEL PALASCAK!

(stars on the Comedy Central network)

--so Baker University (as part of the freshmen orientation welcoming) featured a guest speaker who was a comedian from Comedy Central from the Bob & Tom Show. Now, i'm not a regular with comedy central, but every now and then i'll flip thru channels and slow down when i see stand-up comedy and watch it for a lil bit .. so i've seen some pretty good stand-up comedians (Katt Williams, D.L Hughley, Steve Harvey, Bernie Mac-->R.I.P.. u know the KINGS of the comedy game) and i consider them the greats and every1 else on that amateur status, so i wasn't really too hyped bout goin when i heard bout it .. but me && my roommate was chillin in the dorm watchin New York Goes to Hollywood (oh gosh, i will blog about that l8r!) lol .. so we said we might as well
--now right off the bat, this dude was effin HILARIOUS!!! he was too freakin funny .. he would talk about the trials of living at home w/ his parents to his ex-girlfriend, to black athletes, to the most randomest things ever! and he killed EVERY single one of his punchlines .. mann oh mann .. i LOL'd throughout his whole GIG!
--he was even doin improv and off the top of the dome comedy with random ppl from the audience which was hilarius .. baggin on Oklahoma and whatnot .. hahaha
--and he has this sexy, slurrish kinda swag to his talk which makes his jokes even funnier cuz he's so nonchalant about it .. lol
--he's ADORABLE!! see for urself!!!

[ugggh .. isn't he the CUTEST!]

[he's gorgeous .. even when he looks like an idiot .. haha]

[and he EATS just like us too! lmao .. j/k]

P.S. Living in Kansas now, i've developed this new obsession with white guys.. they're soooo cool.. lol .. like i've always befriended them be4, but now, its like i wanna engage in DEEP conversations with them .. they are SOO funny .. ALL of em .. seriously! and no Chioma, i aint goin goo-goo gaga jungle fever on ya .. but heyyy .. a new shade of light wouldn't hurt ..
ya deeeg ?!?

--check his myspace sometime .. his tour includes a round of other schools .. so hopefully he stops by yours this yr .. check him out -->

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