Friday, August 14, 2009

My Home Away From Home...

As many years as I've had to travel (for basketball) and do the whole packing process; i swear it gets harder every time! From experience, I've learned it's always better to over pack than under pack.. so i tend to get a little suitcase-happy and throw just about everything i own in there *side eye*

I'm finally happily settled & moved into my apartment for college (i'm a sophomore). And to even start with how long it took to unpack my 5 suitcases, 7 boxes (from storage), and various miscellaneous items, uggh.. this process took much time, patience, and gospel mixed CDs to keep me sane. Lol.. this week has been crazy. I'm an Orientation Leader for the freshmen on my campus and these youngins are giving me premature grey hairs.. smh, thank God for the stipend :)

Reader Question: What's one thing you felt necessary to bring one year, but ended up never using it?



  1. Mikeman said...
    WOW! I didnt know you were packing like that
    [sounded hella dirty haha]

    5 suitcases and 7 boxxx
    WOW! Well im glad you've settled in and situated haha

    ya damn kangaroo haha
    E Dot DizZy said...
    Back at schooooo!! Bitter sweet?
    GL0 said...
    LOL @ Mike.. such a gutter-minded individual.. i LOVE it! haha

    And EDot, bitter sweet indeed! :)

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