Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Obama!

Dear Mr. President,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are undoubtedly the sexiest President ever; even with age. Don't ever lose that sexy you hear me? Thanks for your continued strive to make progression out of a recession. I will continue to milk out all the government cheese for the meantime. You're America's superhero, and I can't lie, I don't think anyone fills out their uniform quite like you do although your package looks questionable. For someone who's turning 48, you are aging quite gracefully, if I do say so myself. I still do believe I will get the opportunity to stalk meet you one day, and when I do, trust that I shall never wash my hands again unless heavy-duty sh*tting occurs. Keep fighting for this country and restoring what used to be and still has the potential to be great. I pray for your continued guidance and wisdom and just know that us little people down here got your back. Tell Michelle her new hairstyle is FIERCE! Say hi to the kids and kick pet the dog for me (i hate dogs FYI). But smiles all around.



  1. Tough-Love said...
    Happy Birthday Mr. president I didn't realize he was so young.
    Nice site lady.
    GL0 said...
    i know right! i hope his hair doesn't get grayer when he's finished with his term(s) like all the other presidents - from stress, etc. Lol

    and thx =D
    ♪ ♪ Fř£Sh pŘîNÇëSš™ said...
    he is so bomb lol
    him && denzel && will smith r like the sexiest ol guys hehe
    happy bday obama!! =]
    GL0 said...
    LOL! u silly.

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