Wednesday, December 3, 2008


So i just about DIED laughing after i seen this 'banned' commercial .. holy crap && HOT MYLANTA!!! We need more commercials like this on television, so maybe i wouldn't use them as opportunities for bathroom breaks, eating, texting, channel surfing, etc .. lol

Another Reason To Stay Celibate,


  1. She W0rd Hustlez said...
    Wonder how the commercial would've gone had this have been in a black setting, and in an black up bringing.

    That was horrible, loll. Confirmed my mind state in the whole kid thing. It ain't FOR ME!
    G-M0N3Y said...
    LMAO .. this is BIRTH CONTROL to theee MAX!!!
    haha .. yu crazy tho, black ppl woulda tore this sht up! haha
    Anonymous said...
    he woulda got that ass beat. white ppl sit there and let em do. nuh uhhhhhhh my momma is dominican and she would've walked away and told me if i wasn't behind her by the time i got to the car she was leavin me and when we got to the parkin lot whooped my ass. or she woulda whooped my ass on the spot.
    G-M0N3Y said...
    hahahah .. i feelz ya Juiicy .. we do not play around!
    Mikeman said...
    flashback to high school & in the words of Turnbaugh "ABSTINENCE on 3!" hahhaa

    but damn! I'da beat that child....i understood it too (it was in french hehe) buy hell no you discipline children...white ppl dont get that.

    **Star said...
    oh my....

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