Wednesday, December 17, 2008


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Another 'under the radar' musical sensation are the up && coming boy group BRUTHA .. now if you were like me, u didnt know jack about them until they got a reality show on BET .. which definitely opened my eyes to hearin their sound .. like i said (I DONT DISCRIMINATE AGAINST MUSIC) so i'm willing to give all music a chance .. and boyeeee was i glad i did .. i have 9 tracks on heavy rotation every night that put me to sleep (i literally have em on repeat .. fall asleep to it, wake up to it)

(in order of my favoritism):

"She's Gone"
"Inside Outside"
"I Can't Hear the Music"

Don't sleep on these boyz yall .. they FI-YUH!
Day26 got some competition!? lol..


  1. nt skinne n e mo said...
    yessss.....never heard of them until they got the show.

    was kindof iffy on them but i LOVE them.
    the music is hott.

    yeh dont sleep on em. (=
    Mikeman said...
    yeah same here. Never heard of them since BET but still havent seen the show... Glad to here theyre good

    i expect them as future SOTW's now! :)
    Simplistically Speaking said...
    I peeped them after I read your post, nice stuff...
    G-M0N3Y said...
    yupp, yupp ..
    i mean their group name isn't very original .. lol .. but their voices are KILLAS!
    Ms.Bunny said...
    I think Day 26 has plenty of competition with Brutha. Their harmonies are crazy! I love that, being a vocalist myself, I can appreciate their harmonizing skills. I love the songs you named, I also love Afraid to Love.

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