Friday, November 28, 2008


*starring Reese Witherspoon & Vince Vaughn*

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I'm actually a HUGE fan of the romantic comedy genred movies and when i seen the previews for this, i wasn't too sure if it was gonna be all that funny. looked like another "Meet the Parents" type movie (which was very funny) but i dont like seeing modified re-enactments of originals, which is hard nowadays

Anytrays, it turned out to be 5x better than expected. it has u laughing from beginning to end, and with just enough humor, it throws in some sexual innuendos as well
(can't have too many of those right?) *wink wink*

This is how my Thanksgiving evening was spent .. needed somethin to laugh off all that turkey i ate (which i'm still eating by the way) haha .. surprise, surprise! haha..

Highly recommended, GO SEE IT !!!
no, i didn't say BOOTLEG it, lol ..
low-budget muthasuckaz (smh)


Still Laughin' Out Loud,


  1. Danielle said...
    I haven't actually seen the movie yet, but my roommate thought it was hilarious.

    I may actually check it out, I was kind of skeptical because it got pretty bad reviews, but all the real folks I know seem to like it so why not lol.
    G-M0N3Y said...
    lol .. FCK reviews!!
    haha, i LOVED it!!
    everybody is different so u really can't depend on the opinions of a couple ppl .. i guess go with ur gut feeling! lol
    Mikeman said...
    Yeah i expected it to be like a MEET THE PARENTS type movie but u convinced be otherwise so i will be seeing it... i love both actors either way haha

    Glad it hear it was great movie tho. I can wait to see it :)

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