Monday, November 24, 2008


-So the latest rumors is that Bow Wow is the so called 'father' of Karrine Steffans recent baby (she's about 3-4 months in) .. call this video her 'disclaimer' if u will ..

Karrine Steffans Pictures, Images and Photos
-If you haven't read this book yet, i suggest you do, ASAP .. not that i want you to support her by buying it, but borrow it, rent it, check it out .. lol .. just don't support this low-budget D-list whore .. i first read this book back in '06 (sophomore year i belive)

<--shoutout to KILLUH B who put me on game-->
-anyways, the book is BANANAZ .. she puts EVERYBODY in the (music && showbiz) game on blast .. finished it in a week .. my friend Charla finished it in 2 dayz! its that crazy/addicting

The Vixen Diaries Pictures, Images and Photos
-This is her current book out (which i have yet to read) but will be soon .. she's working on her 3rd one at the moment which will release in a matter of months

Click HERE for 45
minutes of her puttin' celebrities' on str8 BLASTMODE!
-Radio interview w/ Wendy Williams

I dont know whether she's tryna disguise her past, but uhhm, yes Karrine, we still know who u are .. u can put lipstick on a pig, but it don't make the pig any more ladylike .. once a hoe, always a hoe .. she's a VERY beautiful woman [no homo] but unfortunately, only on the outside ..
Don't get me wrong, if you GOOGLE 'Karrine Steffans' or 'Superhead' you will get plenty of video/radio interviews with her, and she's a very educated, articulate person (of course one wouldn't know that because she's on her knees be4 she speaks) but i do commend her for at least speaking and coming across as an educated individual .. now she just gotta work on the other half .. lol

-How'd she get the name SUPERHEAD, you ask??? Well, it's exactly what it sounds like .. but there's only one way to find out.. if you haven't seen her explicit triple (XXX) videos, uhhhm, yeah .. idk what to tell ya .. haha .. viewer discretion STRONGLY advised ..
i guess thats what happens when you practice and pursue something as a profession .. u get good at it, and categorized and labeled as it .. well, KUDOZ you whore! lol

For those who didn't hear of her alleged fiance' .. yes, EDDIE WINSLOW from FAMILY MATTERS (smh) .. and to think, we all thought he was gay ..
ha .. SIKE!
-they were engaged for 3 1/2 months be4 ex-fiance called it quits after being "persuaded by friends" .. and most recently (not too recent tho) he tried to run her over .. hahaha
damn, whatever happened to hiring hitmen? geez, America!
Just Tellin' It Like It Is,


    aye muthaTRUCKER
    i let you borrow my damn book!
    and you messed the pages up!
    dont think i forgot kaka
    Yves said...
    lol poor eddie winslow.
    You can't turn a hoe into a housewife.
    Ms.Bunny said...
    She's quite interesting! I cant even hate, she getting her paper! But that book is addictive!!!
    G-M0N3Y said...
    girrrl, YES! it is!
    and u right Yves, idk wat he was thinkin .. even w/ all the brain she givin him, he was thinkin right!
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