Wednesday, November 5, 2008


As if i hadn't already knew .. LOL
[15 minutes after OBAMA was declared our President]

-35 texts
-7 missed calls
-4 voicemails


"Rosa sat so Martin could walk.. Martin walked, so Obama could run.. Obama is running so our children can fly!!!"

"Oooh yes! We bout to have a black prez !! Kool aid and fried chicken for everybody !!!"

"There's a sign up sheet for volunteers to help Bush pack his shit and get the fuck out, Nov 5th. I put us down for the 3pm-8pm shift."

"If Obama doesn't win, tomorrow smack the first white person you see!"

"Women protest in a rally with shaved genetalias.. their signs said READ OUR LIPS, NO MORE BUSH!"

"Do you know why it's cold outside? Because they said hell would freeze over before a Black Man became President. Well .. tell them to bundle up cuz that day is here!!!"

"Be sure to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. There's going to be a lot of salty crackers!"

"All WHITE people must report to the cotton fields tomorrow morning at 7am for ORIENTATION!!!"
(my 2nd FAVE)

--yes, these sound pretty racist, but its all fun && games, plz don't take any offense to these .. the only way we'll defeat racism is by laughing at it .. right???


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  1. Mikeman said...
    OMG! I sent u a few of these and i was 1 of the 4 voicemails hahah

    man those texts were hilarious
    they were coming left and right! like it aint nobody's business haha

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