Monday, November 24, 2008

AMA's 2008

--in case u missed 'em (30% of America) here are the highlight performances, or the ones that mattered at least, from the 2008 American Music Awards ..

Beyonce, one of (if not THE BEST) live performer around .. She steady killin' the game proper wit the vocals and 'Sasha Fierce' energy (kudoz to the album as well!)

-Yeezy always bringin somethin new to the table, so i respect him for that, loved the effects/lighting, thought it was a pretty koo performance, and the song, u already know is a killa!

-Now i love this chick, but I personally would have rather seen her perform "Disturbia" .. a more upbeat song to get the crowd going .. her vocals were a lil suspect at the beginning, but she loosened up towards the middle
(wish JT woulda popped up outta nowhere like in the video)
hahaha .. all in all, she looked GORGEOUS!



  1. Mikeman said...
    Yes, yes the AMA's were great!
    Miss B/Sasha Fierce killed it like always and that ending pose with BEYONCE holding her ponytail straight in the air is gonna be a SIGNATURE SASHA FIECE POSE and im sure it will be going global aka in Myspaces near you!

    Kanye was awesome U already know.
    Rihanna i have to agree - kinda iffy in the beginning but she got it and i truly was expecting Disturbia with tha git up but i guess not. Rehab isnt a crowd plzr tho...

    Miley surprised me. I liked it.
    G-M0N3Y said...
    hahaha .. yeah, i'm not the biggest fan of miley, but she did good as well .. not good enough to make my blog, haha, but she was koo.

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