Tuesday, November 18, 2008




--so here i am, sittin in the library thirsty as hell working on my 8 pg. outline when my friend hits me up like "Ay, Glo .. i'm in the cafe, what chu want, I got chu" (ooooh MUSIC to my ears)
so i'm like girrrrrrrrrl, lemme get that young SOBE with some Reese's Peanut Butter Cups .. she's all like "What flavor?" .. i say name what they have (for the simple fact that i'm so thirsty, anything sounds good right about now) so she's all like "Dragonfruit, Citrus, Pina Colada--" and for some reason that Pina is just speakin to me, so that's what i chose..
--so she brings it on down and i'm munchin away at the candy and decide to save the drink *appetizer* for last .. and u know that feeling u get when u are expecting a particular taste, and u dont get it .. uhhm, yea, not a cool feeling at all ..
--i don't think i've ever drank anythin nastier than this junk, i was TOO pissed!! smelt like some rice, mango, and urine, all concocted in one ..
--i start to doubt myself, hopin that maybe i'm just trippin .. so i give it a couple whiffs and i'm like oooooooowie! that smell was strong && quite unpleasant too. i do NOT, i repeat NOT recommend this flavor to ANYBDOY !!! i wouldn't even wish this taste on my worst enemy, thats how nauseating it is!
--so i'm currently sittin here starin at it, not more than 2 sips gone .. sulking at the fact that i wasted a free drink on lion piss .. smh .. why oh why!

Utterly Dissapointed in Her Decision-Making,


  1. [[G I A N N E]] [[D.P.H.]] said...
    haha im weak...
    matta fact i made da same mistake!
    all tryna be a tropical person
    yu kno broaden my horizons..
    lol ewww man i tried dat nasty stuff i wuz 2 hot about dat stuff..
    so now i stay wit wat da fk i kno about


    Anonymous said...
    lmfaoooooo! YO! i coulda told you that shit was nasty as shit. my brother brought me his. i shoulda known somethin was wrong with it cus that nigga don't share. shame on it all. i'll stick to the fruit punch and nirvana, bruh.
    PORCHE ` said...
    ughhh haha. nice blog :)
    Anonymous said...
    yesterday i tried tha strawberry daiquiri -erggghhhhh

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