Monday, July 27, 2009

Tweet on Your Feet

See, now being the Twitter addict that i am.. i would eff around and cop me some sneaks like this.. i don't know about yall, but nothing screams FOLLOW ME like these shoes right here.. imagine your custom URL engraved on the soles or the back or somethin.. pssh, they shoulda never let me see this.. an investment worth making? i think so! And the fact that they're dunks on top of that???? Smh, don't get me started Twitter, i will go HAM on rockin Twitter gear with the exception of a small earned revenue! But enough of my rambling.. what do yall think?
Would you ROCK it or KNOCK it?



  1. Miss.$ugarDaddy said...
    kinda extreme
    Little Miss Knobody said...
    Girl Bye! I've seen it all! LOL! Not bad though...
    Cat Hill said...
    Knock it altho I would rock those 4 Holloween LOL
    GL0 said...
    Lol.. yall are funny!

    i guarantee yall will still do a double-take tho if u see them on somebody passin by ;-)
    Mikeman said...
    I'd rock the HELL outta these bad boys

    @MikemanxMiguel engraved on the sides... Who you kidding?

    Twitter better recognize?!?
    GL0 said...
    LOL MIKE! haha, thx! we'll be losers together :)

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