Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Beyonce as Sasha Fierce

This is the latest promo ad for her House of Dereon clothing line expansion to Sasha Fierce is Dereon. For those who don't know, Sasha Fierce was introduced to the world as Bey's alter ego with the spunky and vehement side that was unleashed during her live performances. She portrays the image well as she strikes diva-like poses below:

I don't care how sick you may be of seeing this chick, cuz quite frankly she doesn't know the meaning of sleep, but she is nothing short of the epitomized statement that
This woman is not only a triple-threat, excelling in almost every industry out there, but she continues to bring quality music (her initial career) to her fans that were there from her Destiny's Child days.

I still remember a lot of doubters back when she decided to go solo who thought she would never make a name for herself. Well 3 solo albums later, look at her now. Successful clothing line launched, platinum records, bountiful movie roles, and her man put a ring on it. Jelly, much? The woman is blessed! In an interview, she admits to sometimes putting her fans before her own well being, and it's evident. Yall can hate all yall want, the woman is PAID!



  1. lipton|TEE said...
    It looks like she's going to have some nice jeans on that line, I'm gonna have to check Dereon out.
    ♪ ♪ Fř£Sh pŘîNÇëSš™ said...
    this is exactly why she is my idol. =]
    GL0 said...
    Yeah, i ride hard for this chick.. yall also needa download her new song


    i shoulda added it in the post, but it's good!
    Mikeman said...
    Oh yeah
    Bey has always been my favorite! So multitalented in every facet of the money making industries. from DC to just Bey to unleasing Miss SASHA FIERCE....

    She is HANDS DOWN a diva with no plans of stopping. I dont think sleep is in her vocab...she is on her grind 24/7

    U can really tell I LOVE BEY
    FAN never a stan

    I could go on & on bout my sexy BEYONCE but imma spot & share her with yall haha
    GL0 said...
    PREACH MIKE! lmao
    Allie said...
    my favorite look in the ad is the one with the pink socks. thats too cute! ^_^!

    beyonce is so talented. as soon as i heard her first solo album, i knew she was gonna rock the industry. =)

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