Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Quote Time

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Now I don't normally do this, but I had an epiphany waking up from my nap this afternoon and decided to tweet it (like i do most other things). And the RT's for it were so abundant, it made me feel like I wasn't the only one who felt this way, which is why I've decided to take it here to expound on it. The tweet was:

"Why does it feel better to prove our doubters wrong than it does to prove our supporters right?"

And since no answer was posed for this question, I will take it upon myself to answer it, in the best and most unbiased way possible. We have people that are on our side from the jump and are rooting for us, but for some reason, we have a bigger urge to please/impress/and show for the people who dont believe in us. But why?

PROVE THEM WRONG Pictures, Images and Photos
Because we love to see that dumb-founded look our haters get when we prove them wrong and make them eat their words. There is always a greater reaction to someone who didn't believe in something than someone who already does. I just wish I would stop doing things to impress and please the people that are praying on my downfall faithfully. At the same time, the same people wishing you well, are also hoping you fail. So choose your friends wisely.

Lesson: Keep a tight circle and surround yourself with positive people that encourage success for your own satisfaction, rather than someone else's disbelief.



  1. bad azz said...
    nice blogspot..i'll definitely follow.
    this post is sad, yet true..theres always gonna be people who will smile in your dismay while wishin you well to your face.
    one of my favorite quotes..
    "Dear Lord, protect me from my friends, I can handle my enemies."

    anyway, continue to do your best for YOU, and what could it hurt to laugh back when you know they got that dumb-founded look on their face? ;)
    GL0 said...
    thx hun!
    love that quote u just provided.. never heard it before.. definitely will instill that in the back of my head ;-)
    Crazy Sexy Techie Cool ! said...
    Love your Blog, and I tweeted out your URL today (ya big baby) lol So here I am leaving a comment..

    I think we should start a Female coalition of Bloggers that are similar minded like us and Re-Tweet each other, Cross market each other and support each other.

    Like a Girls Super power (kind of) or a United nations/NAto COALITION..

    iMAGINE IF WE RECRUITED 10 BAD TWITCHES and each of us have say 1000+ followers and we re tweet each other and help each other or go to war with evil Bloggers or bad people in general. Do the math a Crew of 10 female Blogger X 1000+ followers, that POWER in numbers and Tweets ;-)

    "Always remember success is the best revenge as it makes you S- Superb, U- unique, C- courageous, C- conscious, E- energetic, S- strong, S- satisfied. Once you get success your enemies will get themselves burn to ashes".

    Nina D,

    Mikeman said...
    WOW! i like that quote too
    "Dear Lord, protect me from my friends, I can handle my enemies."
    can never be to careful

    but on to your post
    its the plan truth
    we like proving the neh-sayers wrong because I believe ppl naturally want/wish to rebel.
    Now "good, real, legit, proactive, etc ppl you know what im talking bout" ppl like US know not to rebel but to channel that rebellion through proving them wrong...keeping it always keeping the support of friends of coarse pero we get a thrill from that "dumbfounded look"

    its as simple as that.

    OH and the lady Twitter movement...HOT STUFF!
    I'd follow, I'd promote, I'd be part of the street team!

    GL0 said...
    Nina, count me in :)

    Mike, you are a BEAST! lol, too funny!

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