Sunday, December 27, 2009

Minor Dilemma..

You know how everyone tries to bring in the New Year with a bang (no pun intended) well I don't necessarily want to go on the extreme of things, but I do want to switch it up a little. The picture on the left is the current hairstyle I have now, and the one on the right is what I had about 4 months ago. So the questions remains: should I go back to kinky curls, or stay with the straight and wavy? I'm a little biased, because I kinda miss the curls, but then again, if it aint broke, don't fix it. What do ya'll think?



  1. ~*Jazzy*~ said...
    How about just wearing your hair down in General??
    Quit wearing it tied up so much... Now that would be a change that I'd like to see
    GL0 said...
    How ironic for you to say that while you are wanting to get braids too. Plus you don't play sports so you don't understand the limited time you have to style or straighten ur hair everyday. You know this!

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