Saturday, June 20, 2009

For those "FXCK IT" type of days...

It's funny cuz watching this video kind of illustrates things you'd do to people to fck up their day just because you were feeling shitty about your own life. Lol. Its fcked up, but it brought a smile on my face. Lilly Allen is so talented and I feel bad for side-steppin her music.. I am definitely diggin back into my archives for similar songs. Gotta love it =]

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  1. Mikeman said...
    Yo! I love Lily Allen but you already know this espeically me with my UK Music.....anyways i dl this a while back and wasnt sure if youd like it.

    the video was hilarious haha
    Id so just luv to do that one day
    F you, f you F YOU

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