Saturday, June 20, 2009


So i finally got out from living under my rock to go see this movie.. After all the hype, I decided not to watch it online and see it in theaters for a greater experience and boyyy was it worth it! OMG, i'm talkin non-stop laughter from point 0:0:15 to 2:05:00. There was NEVER a dull moment in this movie. And just when you think the line is crossed in vulgarity, it extends about another 10 miles. Lol, i literally left the movie feeling like a pervert and slightly violated for various reasons, GNR. Anywho, here's the trailer for those who don't watch TV/live under a rock/etc. And lastly, GO SEE IT!



  1. Thankful Paul said...
    Hello! :)
    Allie said...
    everyone is telling me this movie is HILARIOUS! maybe i should go see it. =)
    GL0 said...
    YES!!!!! its definitely a MUST-SEE!

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