Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My New Macbook + Personal Update

So... it's been a little minute since I posted last; my apologies, but I've been a lil, what's the word? ohh.. money-happy lately and let's just say my two most expensive ventures have been this lovely macbook along with a custom-made cover and a 32 gb ipod touch! (My 8 gb just wasn't cuttin it anymore). Now before you guys start the backlash, I got the macbook for $400 (dont worry about how - and yes it's brand new) and the iTouch for $299. Now that is a $1400 investment that I got all for under $700. I'm sorry yall, but my refund check was just sitting there waiting to be spent. I've worked so hard this summer and I've evolved so much as a person, I felt it necessary to finally do something for myself and reward my improving lifestyle. Not to say I'm anywhere near perfect, but I don't drink, I don't smoke, I've turned to the celibate lifestyle, and I'm renewing my faith and relationship with God. I just feel so whole and at peace with life right now that I can't help but to splurge a lil bit. So the question isn't where I've been.. it's where I'm going.. and that's up and away towards succes.. my destiny awaits.


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  1. Anonymous said...
    GLLLOOOOOO!!! I am uber...super....jealous...proud at the same damn time!

    Where did you get that personalized cover and how much?!?

    And I was getting that Ipod touch but I just seen the new ipod commericals....gotta get it.

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