Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Trey Songz Promo & Album Review

As if this blog post needs an introduction.. Never have I seen a better looking photo of Trey Songz in all his glory. This man epitomizes the tall, dark, & handsome man we all dream about but realistically never encounter. Whether or not his muscles depicted in the picture are overemphasized through photoshop and visual tweaks or not, I could care less. Women wear make-up, let men have their exaggerated triceps dammit! Lol
As for his highly anticipated album "Ready" I have yet to give it a spin (although I guarantee I've already downloaded about 7 of the songs on there from previous leaks). I am, however, hearing mixed reviews about it, and how his mixtape superseded the success his album was said to have. Anticipation is still my sh*t though!

Which do you prefer to listen to?
Trey Songz 'Ready' Album Cover Pictures, Images and Photostrey songz Pictures, Images and Photos



  1. xxxx said...
    i love ready... especially the song "neighbors know my name"
    Mikeman said...
    Michael has been living under a rock yet again. I just never can around to dl either of Songz' album *hides from Glo's wrath, comments, etc*

    but i can say I will be cuz I do like Trey Songz.

    Oh and get on the Trey Songz workout plan like when the hell did this happen [no homo] cuz last i member Songz was skin n bones...
    GL0 said...
    YES! Neighbors Know my Name is the CUT!!!!!!!

    AND LOL @ Micahel, thats what the hell i said when his Anticipation mixtape came out.. he got BIG! *PAUSE*
    Anonymous said...
    *goes to the gym and gets a all month pass*

    Sorry Glo but I am only feeling "Ready To Make Love". Classic. And only 1 min long!!!
    Anonymous said...
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