Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's Official.. Season is Finally Here!

Okay, maybe not regular season quite yet.. but it aint official til ya picture is on the net ;-) Haha. Same number, different player. First regular season game November 6th -- gosh this season should be a fun ride. For those who don't know me too well.. I play the 3-4 position at Baker University in Kansas. I started half the season my freshman year (last year) then caught pneumonia in January (probably from all that dang snow that my Phoenix-stayin ass wasn't used to!) Lol.. Anywho, after recovering, I never really was the same player after that. I finished the season as a 6th man.. averaging just under 6 points a game (5.90) and 5 rebounds a game (4.93). I also led the team in steals and my biggest regret was not always putting forth 100% when I was out there [on the court]. There were days, and my coach could see right through me, where I would just go through the motions. And that's what happens when you're surrounded with girls that don't have chemistry off court, which is just as vital as having it on the court.

But this year around, we've got a bigger, better, stronger, and more diverse group, and already I'm having a ball with these girls [pun intended]. The assistant coach has already talked to me about having a starting role this year and what I have to do to maintain it, and I'm just ready. More excited for the team as a whole to start winning games than I am for myself to be putting up numbers. Although hustle and effort don't make the stat book, basketball goes way beyond the numbers.



  1. Farrah J said...
    u go girl!!
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