Thursday, October 29, 2009

♫ "No Ceilings" Mixtape ♫

He. Is. Back. If you thought the Drought series (especially the 3rd) was the peak of Wayne's flow, guess again. I am almost convinced that this man really is an alien from Mars. Lyrically, he's on a whole nother level of jargon and he surely doesn't disappoint with the much anticipated release of No Ceilings with featured tracks like Ice Cream Paint Job, Run This Town, and I Gotta Feeling just to name a few. He was smart about his timing too, cuz Lord knows he wouldn't have got as much hype around the release of surfaced tracks from Drake's So Far Gone mixtape. While the world was busy riding Drake's nuts, Wayne was in the studio 'workin up a master plan' and giving Drizzy just enough shine to enlighten our ears for the time being, until he was done with his next concoction. Favorite track so far? Make Her Say definitely goes HARDDDD! He went in on that song, and rightfully so, as Cudi made it the summer anthem of the nation. Feedback? Thoughts? Reviews? Drop one! But most of all.. enjoy :)

Download "No Ceilings" Mixtape here.

Swag Surfin'
Ice Cream Paint Job
Watch My Shoes
Break Up
Banned From TV
Throw It In The Bag
I Think I Luv Her (ft. Tyga)
Interlude 2
I'm Good
Make Her Say
Run This Town
I Gotta Feeling

"My music is priceless... that's why I give it out for free" -Weezy


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  1. Anonymous said...
    I'm gonna check this mixtape out to see what all the hype is about , haha - By the way , Banging Blog :)

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