Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I experimented with cargo/dickies at first

I thought black shorts worked better

The bandana was a nice touch too

I thought the glasses were cute too, lol

Finally my masterpiece was done ;-)

One thing I loved about this "costume" is that i knew nobody else would have it. I love being different and doing things that make people think "wow, that was creative." I pride myself in being an innovator and this was just another one of my concoctions. I turned a trashy occupation to a sexy profession, lol. What were yall for Halloween?



  1. Nina said...
    very cute, the black shorts was a good move.
    Mikeman said...
    Nice Glo
    they look way better than you described it to me in text cuz... yeah I just thought you were gonna be regular ole Mexican #stereotype
    GL0 said...
    Lmaooo, thx Mike & Nina
    Anonymous said...
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