Friday, November 6, 2009

Friend Requests

With Facebook becoming the new crack and e-mail of the decade, you're bound to come across people from your past and present, whether they be family members, ex-boyfriends, ex-bff's, or high school enemies. It's just inevitable. And with the new facebook now suggesting who you should be "friends" with, it doesn't make concealing your identity any easier. Not to mention the annoying "write on her wall" or "poke him" suggestions right below.. uggh, annoying! Anywho, why do people feel obligated to add/deny every request that comes to them? Maybe I need some time to evaluate whether it's worth going through all my photo albums and adding you to the "DO NOT SHOW" list, and whether I feel like censoring my thoughts for your sake. Mmmm, nah! So I neither confirm/deny the request.. I just let it pend and sit there. I wish I would've thought of this earlier, I'd probably have around 70 or somethin. I just started doing this last month, and will continue to. I will only add you under 2 conditions. We either know each other personally and have had a real-life contact somehow, or have at least 5 mutual friends. #nothingpersonal, I just can't have random people invading my personal area. That's what myspace is for anyway *side eye* Lol



  1. Mikeman said...
    Vero & I are always talking bout this shxt!
    How they suggest ppl and be like "oh this person when to your high school you may know them" SUGGESTION.
    Hell no I aint know them...thus the reason I have not added them.
    AND im honesly gonna take your advice and take more consideration in adding ppl but i just add everyone & thats some myspace stuff
    this is facebook (college) where we evauluate ppl before they become friends
    GL0 said...
    LMAOOOOOO @ "hell no i aint know them... thus the reason i have not added them" haha.. soooo true dude!
    Farrah J said...
    i feel you!! i was JUS talkin about this!! idk how these weirdos keep finding me!!
    GL0 said...
    LMAOOOO Farrah!

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