Friday, November 13, 2009

HELL to the NO! Funny how white people tan and black people bleach their skin, as if there's this median tone we're all trying to reach. As if being on either extreme of the spectrum is so bad. As if skin tone was still the determining factor in a person's success? But my goodness, what is this madness going on here? I have so many questions, but so little answers! Did he inherit Michael Jackson's cosmetics? Does he classify himself as white? Does this mean he now has good credit? (kidding.. ) But in all seriousness, you don't get like this overnight, why didn't his family/close friends stop him while it got out of hand? This is obviously an addiction, because he stated there was no medical inclination to this insanity. While denying a skin condition, he claims that he "has used a cream on his face in order to get rid of damaged skin which he acquired due to the years of sun exposure in afternoon baseball games." And to add fuel to the fire, he went ahead and got a played-out S curl; if that don't mean rock bottom, I don't know what does! Smh, lost another one Bob.



  1. JoNneka said...
    I thought that was really crazy. Why change how GOD intended you to be. If yu hate or dislike your race that much, something really deep is gon on.
    GL0 said...
    Amen girl! There's gotta be an underlying issue behind it that he's NOT telling us...
    Mikeman said...
    I was tweetin bout this earlier today.
    Sosa should be proud of his complexion as a afrolatino. I am and no matter how dark I got from the AZ sun I would never revert to "skin bleaching" and neither should he because of skin damage due to sun damage.

    BTW he may have lost plenty cool points in the black community
    but hes lost even more in the Latino community for this shxt!
    GL0 said...
    Yeah, just an all around EPIC FAIL! Smh
    rameez mazhar said...
    i have a question i am white when i was younger and i tanned too much and my upper body arms and face are brown but my legs are pure white can anyone explain this and what to do also i have been exfoliating my face and each time a white dot comes and each time i exfoliate it spreads or becomes more white like my legs

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