Friday, February 6, 2009



Well, according to Etta James, she was disappointed that Obama chose Beyonce to sing her signature song "At Last" which was performed at one of the Inaugural Balls during the Presidential Couple Dance. What exactly infuriated Etta? Maybe bitterness that they didn't choose her to sing it, but chose Beyonce instead, although it was her song to begin with? Well these were Etta's exact words:

"She gonna get her ass whipped! The great Beyonce! I can’t stand Beyonce. She has no business up there singin’, singin’ up there on ah big ole’ — ah big ole President day gon’ be singin’ my song that I been singin’ forever!”

On top of this, she also disowned President Obama as her President, referring to him as the "one with the big ears". OUCH! Like Etta, seriously!? You never said a word about the film Cadillac Records, when it was an exact depictment of you, but when its out of the box office, you wanna act all High & Mighty? It's not like Beyonce coulda sang one of her own songs. I would be hysteric watching them rock out to "Single Ladies" or "Diva" perhaps. Lol. Take a chill pill woman!



  1. JKisz said...
    lmfao. that's funny! chill ma, it's not that serious!
    Mikeman said...
    you know i heard about this but now that i have the whole story...

    like a blogger said
    "i didnt even know she was still with us. i thought she had gon on to glory" So Etta needa chill

    point blank

    your time has past
    Little Miss Knobody said...
    I did find it a little odd that she didn't sing her own song, but...DRAMA!
    J.Rae said...
    i had to get a new blog :(

    i have to delete the other one soon.

    to the topic:
    you always have the best songs.
    and etta is now saying that what she said was apart of the " act " she had that night. lol
    G-M0N3Y said...
    lol .. Etta, Etta, Etta .. po' lil lady, maybe her time HAS passed, and this is just her afterlife speakin to us, lol .. lemme stop. but this is sad tho. Beyonce NEVER does anything wrong (or at least tries not to) but someone will ALWAYS try and exploit her in the worst ways.
    -- // lethalpoi$on said...
    i can possibly see her getting a little upset that Mr.Barack Obama chose someone else to sing "her" song but for her to refer to Mr.President as "the one with the big ears" (lmao wait, that was kinda funny) is jst childish. Ms.Etta girl, pull it together!
    the MRS. said...
    well i can see why she mad and yes it was wrong for them to choose beyonce over the orginal but she didnt have to say that...

    oh well..

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