Tuesday, April 21, 2009

For the Love of Ray-J Winner:

Joanna Hernandez

I'm not gonna lie, i was snoopin around online prior to the finale so i heard Cocktail would win, so it made me take more things into account when watching the finale. And what it came down to was at the end of the day, Ray-J can't take home a psychotic serial killer or a grandmother which eliminated Danger and Unique.. so i guess all that leaves is Cocktail anyway? the gold-diggin slut.. mwahaha.. lemme stop.

FYI, Danger is engaged to Gabriel Cannon (yes, Nick Cannon's brother) and no, she's not pregnant by Ray-J, although she thought she was, because they were having sex just about every night as she claims in her 3 part interview on GIRL TALK NYC

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  1. -- // lethalpoi$on said...
    honestly i knew he was gna pick cocktails ass. he was throwing maaad salt on her family in the beg. of the show & basically praising uniques. it was all predictable. i cant say that im happy that he picked her but its whatever.

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